Blogmocracy Radio 03 October 2012 – The Breitbart Interview

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From The Ruse and Fail of LGF – Prologue:

In September 2011, there was some behind the scenes discussion about dumping all the LGF Archives. So much valuable work was about to be given away and thrown into the communal dumpster. I hated the thought, and wondered “Who despises Charles Johnson so much that he might be willing to pay for the Archive?” Twitterwars were in full swing, and the obvious answer was Andrew Breitbart.

So I emailed him. We talked over the phone a bit about the work of The Boiler Room Crew, and just before the conversation ended I asked him if he’d be interested in calling into our podcast, not expecting him to do so. He replied “Sure. When is it?”

What a jaw dropper.

The day of the podcast, 03 October 2011, was nerve-wracking as we couldn’t tell anyone who the mystery guest was (to prevent a troll storm) and we weren’t sure if he would call in at all. We had an hour to go and hadn’t heard anything, so I emailed him to see if he was still interested. His response was two words: “I’m in.”

The audio above is that interview. Rodan & Savage did a great job keeping their composure while speaking to The Happy Warrior.

Five months later he was gone.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart (1968-2012)


Charles Johnson Archive 9/11


2002 – Comments hidden.



2005 – Some 11 September post(s) deleted. Others have comments hidden.
In 2010, ChenZhen expounded on these deletions.
I *click* AM *click* NOT *click* AN *click* IDIOT!*click*……… *click*








Charles, you have never been glib.
Inane, hyperbolic, petulant, self-absorbed and flippant? Always.

[Updates: Added 2002 screencap via ISTE; added 2021 comment.]

Charles Johnson on Afghanistan & Neocons

What utter hypocritical bullshit, Charles.

Charles on Vaccines, Herd Immunity & The Dark Ages

While wading through the LGF Archives for something entirely unrelated, I found this tidbit, and it’s somewhat relevant to current events.

Charles was referring to some people (and Jenny McCarthy in particular) who erroneously believe measles vaccines cause autism in children. Besides having to explain herd immunity to the unwashed lizards, he proves that he doesn’t know diddly about the Dark Ages, and seems to think that vaccines were available in that era.

“Some English historians will say if there is any kind of
Dark Ages’ in medieval history, it is during the earliest part of the Middle Ages, right after the fall of Roman power in Britain around the fifth and sixth centuries. Its a period that has few surviving written sources, so we don’t know very much about what happened then.”

That’s the generally accepted definition of “The Dark Ages,” a period in medieval times that have few written records, but you all knew that. I noticed that Charles refers to them often, and usually out of context, so perhaps a visual exhibit might be in order:

Charles, your knowledge of The Dark Ages seems limited to Monty Python movies, so you might want to read up a bit.

From the draft archives: In Memoriam: Gus 802

Last edited on 9 October 2011, ChenZhen’s post has never seen the light of day, and it’s still relevant. – Briareus

Of course, the title assumes that Gus really means what he said here:

So, that assumption made, we of the BRC have decided to shower our readers with a few gifts in eulogy, as this particular lizard was the butt of many, many jokes here at DoD and therefore shall be missed.

First, we might as well direct you toward memory lane, and link Gus’s official tag (every thread we mentioned Gus). There’s some good stuff in there.

As for highlights, who can forget this?

Or when Gus decided to chide DoD for posting a thread on Christmas eve and Christmas day, after posting 31 comments and an LGF Page over the same time span?

Or when he managed to post an amazing 903 comments in a single week (therefore inspiring the twitter doppelganger “Gus_903“)?

We could go on and on, of course.

But perhaps it would be more fun to make this a bit more interactive, and use The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ to preserve Gus’s legacy for all time.

15 years ago on Little Green Footballs : Hamas

Very coincidental topic given the recent attacks by Hamas.

The first link in the post goes to the Middle East Forum:
CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment
The second is a link to a long-gone U.S. News Wire story. Images courtesy of BRC Engineer Nil Stooge (RIP).

[Updated with direct link to Middle East Forum article. A Wayback Machine search  produces no archive of “CAIR: U.S. Muslims Say ‘Siege’…” and is defunct. – Briareus]

Little Green Flashback: Spam, Retweet Code & “A Tangy Lime-Green” Link Hover Color

And 30 hours later it all pays off.

All screencaps courtesy of the BRC Archives.

Charles Johnson has been using the term “The Big Lie” for years.

It’s true, and here’s a prime example.

Here’s the embedded vid.

The update link to “Biden’s 14 Lies” directs to AoS.

From the Draft Files: Chen Zhen’s Unfinished Business

In 2011, Chen Zhen left this unfinished draft, and it’s not certain where he was going with it as it contained only three of Charles’ comments in text format. Here they are in the order Chen logged them, unedited, and as found in The Wayback Machine.

7087033 33455 388 Charles Thu, Apr 23, 2009 1:08:31pm

7085818 33455 377 Charles Thu, Apr 23, 2009 9:17:39am

3699435 25023 51 Charles Thu, Apr 5, 2007 9:01:04am

“Greenwald’s fans are still repeating ugly lies about me.” Except they’re not lies.


First of all, Diary of Daedalus has never been a “far-right anti-muslim hate site.”

Secondly, regardless of your opinion of Glenn Greenwald‘s politics, at least he’s honest about his reporting and has written many unbiased stories, backed up with verifiable facts. Charles Johnson has been envious of him for decades, and his “criticism” of Greenwald amounted to almost non-stop harassment on Twitter. No debate, just insults and name calling, and Greenwald had enough.

Now for the third point. The mass murderer Charles doesn’t name is Anders Breivik, the Norwegian monster who perpetrated the 2011 Oslo terrorist attacks. The world was shocked.

Breivik had also written a “manifesto,” a rambling dissertation that listed those he admired and who influenced his opinions. Think Progress, a far-left website (now defunct), created a bar chart with names of people mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto, with the number of citations. All those people were well-known for their aggressive opposition to radical islam and muslim terrorism and its proliferation around the world.

Within hours of the Oslo Massacre, Charles Johnson began pointing fingers at those on the Think Progress chart and accused them of being responsible for the acts of a madman. Once the Manifesto was made available, we obtained a .pdf copy, and noticed someone missing from the list of Breivik’s heros and influences: Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs.

We took the .pdf, converted it to MS Word, did a simple word search, and added the data omitted by Think Progress. These were the results, easily verified by anyone. Both charts are based on the same data.


Charles Johnson, after blaming everyone in Breivik’s manifesto as culpable for the atrocity, found himself near the top of the list of the very same people he condemned in July 2011.

[Update: Related post with links here.]