A Big Fat Bunch

Another Slow Day in Lizard-Lapper Land

Charlie Vogel. What a guy.
And John Cleese responded to him.

His neighbors complained.

No other explanation, unless he has a talking cat.
Perhaps this is related:

2am Pay to Play? Um… nah. Not going there, brah…

Merry Christmas To Blogmockers Everywhere (and to you too, Charles)

Charles Johnson Defends a Pedo because MDS*

*Musk Derangement Syndrome

“One of my best jokes ever.”

Art imitates reality, and sometimes art updates it.

[h/t to Jim W. for noticing the resemblance.]

Chard Münstersuck

Real cute, Chard, and the LGF Calendar photo is a nice touch. If you wanted to do something really scary you’d update that decades-old photo.

Oh wait. Fatso changed his Little Blue Chuckmark nic again, and now he’s bitching about the twitfee increase from $5 to $20 per month.

Well, trick or treat and bite my meat! What a brave Twitter warrior!

Chunkenstein’s Muensterfuck doesn’t really match your inner ‘ween as much as this does:

Ain’t nobody buying your Little Green Crap anymore, Nancy, but keep ringing those doorbells.

Charles Johnson’s obsession with bodily fluids continues.

The internest is forever, Chuck.


Charles Johnson Recycles.



One big fat one flew over.

…that was so buggy you couldn’t market it to anyone. Tell us more, Charles.

“I’m dyin’ ovah here! You’re killin’ me, babe!”