@Gus_802 has a Rump Roast

From the draft archives: In Memoriam: Gus 802

Last edited on 9 October 2011, ChenZhen’s post has never seen the light of day, and it’s still relevant. – Briareus

Of course, the title assumes that Gus really means what he said here:

So, that assumption made, we of the BRC have decided to shower our readers with a few gifts in eulogy, as this particular lizard was the butt of many, many jokes here at DoD and therefore shall be missed.

First, we might as well direct you toward memory lane, and link Gus’s official tag (every thread we mentioned Gus). There’s some good stuff in there.

As for highlights, who can forget this?

Or when Gus decided to chide DoD for posting a thread on Christmas eve and Christmas day, after posting 31 comments and an LGF Page over the same time span?

Or when he managed to post an amazing 903 comments in a single week (therefore inspiring the twitter doppelganger “Gus_903“)?

We could go on and on, of course.

But perhaps it would be more fun to make this a bit more interactive, and use The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ to preserve Gus’s legacy for all time.

Open Mic Night – Gus_802

“Goodnight, and peace off.”

Bulk Link Purchases?

7 minutes of Gus

Gus802’s so called exclusive [UPDATED]

[See updates below.]

Gus802 claims to have a scoop. Well I will pre-empt him. I was in a voice chat room several years ago and while I was there I got into an argument with some Hezbollah and Hamas supporters. In this clip I discuss my Latin King past and some of the deeds I did. Some are partly true others were to scare off Jihadis claiming they would kill me. I use some language I am not proud of. But I have to come clean and say, yes this was me.

I apologize for anyone offended at this. I was intoxicated and things were said in anger. I am not that person I described. Now I enjoy a peaceful life instead.

Gus there’s no bombshell there. My opinions about Islam and my past are well known.

Context: I was arguing with supporters of Hezbollah. It was me, my Serb ex, a friend, two Israelis and a Lebanese Christian. My mad at Israel comment was in context of asking an Israeli why they didn’t destroy Hamas when they had them beat in the Gaza War. My Serbian opinions are well known and I was with a  Serb at the time. If anyone accuse me of racism, I DJ’d Rap in the early 90’s which was dominated by Blacks.  I like African Americans and their culture, but I hate the Farrakhan militant types.I link regularly to Old School Rap videos and I am a huge fan of Mike Tyson.

Update 1: Here’s Gus802 insinuating that Allen West is a welfare leech.

Update II: Here’s Gus802’s calling Americans stupid.

Update III: Gus802 expressing his true feelings about America.

Update IV: Gus802 disrespects Conservative intellectual legend William F. Buckley.

A grown man who leeches off his sister and hate the country he lives in, is no one to throw stones to people.
UPDATE V – 29 June 2021

The 6 June 2009 video of Rodan’s rant against jihadist supporters from a “private” live online chat (with the threats of violence and death by other participants conveniently edited out) from was taken down.

In 2009, YouTube responded to complaints, removed the video and Charles was notified. He filed an appeal, won, and reposted it.

Jump to June 2021. Recently, YouTube updated its algorithm to flag and block anything it considered to be “hate speech” and a lot of left wing videos got caught in the dragnet. The video was taken down once again. Once again Charles Johnson was notified.

Once again HE APPEALED.

And once again, YouTube reinstated it, complete with the doxxing in the description.

Gus’ Xmas Watch

Ho Ho Ho…remember this?

While the Boiler Room measures the buckets and turns the valves in preparation for the next big story, I thought it might be fun to check back in with our old pal Gus and see how he’s spending this holiday weekend. So far, he’s been pretty busy, making some great contributions:

Merry Christmas, from the BRC!