Charles Johnson On Feces: “The shit is crazy.”

Art imitates reality, and sometimes art updates it.

[h/t to Jim W. for noticing the resemblance.]

Charles Johnson doesn’t value his Twitter Verification Badge (but please “Support our work”)

Thank God Charles the Wide can afford $8 a month.

Started in June of 2015, 7 years and 5 months ago, Charles’ GFM has amassed 68% of his $20k goal.

In the past 12 months, his little green bum bucket garnered a whopping $1,043. That translates to $86.92 per month, well above the price of a Little Blue Chuckmark. Unfortunately, that $8 amount would eat into his circus ravioli and cheapo digger wine budget. (Sorry Elon.)

Chard Münstersuck

Real cute, Chard, and the LGF Calendar photo is a nice touch. If you wanted to do something really scary you’d update that decades-old photo.

Oh wait. Fatso changed his Little Blue Chuckmark nic again, and now he’s bitching about the twitfee increase from $5 to $20 per month.

Well, trick or treat and bite my meat! What a brave Twitter warrior!

Chunkenstein’s Muensterfuck doesn’t really match your inner ‘ween as much as this does:

Ain’t nobody buying your Little Green Crap anymore, Nancy, but keep ringing those doorbells.

Charles Johnson’s obsession with bodily fluids continues.

The internest is forever, Chuck.


Charles Johnson Recycles.



One big fat one flew over.

…that was so buggy you couldn’t market it to anyone. Tell us more, Charles.

“I’m dyin’ ovah here! You’re killin’ me, babe!”

Dark Falcon Drops One

And a new entry on Chuck’s LALALA ICANTHEARYOU list:

The 13th Anniversary of Killgore’s Midnight Run & Charles Johnson’s Foray Into Astroturfing

The following is a repost from 18 September 2016.


There he goes again, fighting a dead man.

Andrew Breitbart enhanced Charles Johnson’s blogging career by introducing him to the players who in turn promoted Little Green Footballs and escorted Johnson into the Big Tent with fanfare. Instead of walking away with dignity, Charles chose the path of the pissant. Not only did he shun his former mentors, he turned on them, created and promoted lies, reposted invented unsubstantiated claims, and astroturfed his benefactors. Then, like a true coward, he still plays the victim when others call him on his own hypocrisy.

On 13 September 2016, Charles tried once again to erase his own history of astroturfing, but let’s roll back the clock to 18 September 2009.

Seven years ago today The Flying Monkeys of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs began an astroturf campaign against HotAir. With no evidence to back up Johnson’s accusation that HotAir was a racist website, LGF operative Killgore Trout paid them a visit while the moderators were asleep and provided the “evidence” himself by posting offensive racial comments and daring the moderators to delete them… beginning at 12:34AM and running to 2:01AM. You can read the full diatribe here, but here’s a snippet:

Killgore Rant Condensed

Killgore’s Midnight Run set a precedent for Little Green Footballs that was recognized throughout the political blogosphere, and the running joke was that if racist comments showed up on someone’s website it was due to Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.

Killgore 947
Killgore 965

Charles Johnson continuously accused Breitbart and others of not policing comments on their websites. Little Green Footballs typically garnered a couple of hundred comments, and Charles employed volunteer “Monitor Lizards” to do it for him. Breitbart’s “Big Journalism” had well over ten times the number of comments per post than Little Green Footballs, so it was impractical to expend the effort to review and/or edit all of them.

And Johnson’s astroturfing didn’t stop there.


100825 CFnG 2

Johnson holds the 2 of Clubs and four Post-It Notes, then claims he has 5 of a kind. The first liar never has a chance, Charles.

Jazzy Magical Meme



“Unprecedented catastrophically high temperatures…”