Happy New Year

Have a New Year, Charles!

It’s been another year for Charles Johnson, and traffic-wise it’s been another year as well.

Despite mid-year gains made in the paid botviews department, Little Green Footballs is right back where it was last year.

LGF is so right back we need a throbbing memo to confirm it.

[Source: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/littlegreenfootballs.com#section_traffic]

We Love You, Charles.


Happy New Years Eve

May the New Year Be Prosperous
for Mockers and Stalkers Everywhere
and may Charles Johnson continue to provide us with amusement for another twelve months.

Happy New Year!


To all you Stalkers, Mockers, Linkers and Lurkers, have great New Year from everyone at
Diary of Daedalus

May the new year bring you health and prosperity. Oh, and humor. And lots of ground Chuck. And @Gus_802. Bring us lots of @Gus_802 and @Green_Footballs and humor. And a new gravatar for Charles Johnson. And more Twitter meltdowns and stuff.

This is going to be a fun year.