Scraped long ago from Little Green Footballs, the contents of this searchable .pdf were compiled by Boiler Room Crew Engineer No. 1 [aka Internet Septic Tank Engineer]. It comprises Charles F. Johnson’s undeleted & unedited comments from Valentine’s Day 2001 through 12 October 2011, spanning over a decade. The comments show his transition from a minor league tech blogger through his transition to a media blogwhore, to his current persona.

The unedited entries are in chronological order and show LGF post numbers, comment numbers, commenter’s name [Charles] and the date/time stamp of the comment.

The .pdf archive is a large file, 28.6MB, 8,514 pages, so be patient downloading it. It was saved in .txt format, and includes HTML markups for blog posting.

The markups are denoted by <format command here>.


Little Green Footballs 2001-2011

If you need a screencap and want to avoid combing the insufferable LGF website for a particular comment, a better way is to cap it via THE WAYBACK MACHINE. If that doesn’t work, contact us with BRC CAP REQUEST in the subject line and we’ll assist.