The New LGF Look is a Clusterchuck.

That screenshot kinda speaks for itself.

$3.99 Clown Food from Trader Joe’s Culver City

Helps if you follow the prep instructions instead of letting them thaw for a couple hours and nuking them.

Yep. That’s clown food.

Donald Chuck

Duck off, Peckerhead.

Possibly the coolest thing Charles Johnson saw today.

He seems kind of obsessed…

Que le bon temps roule, gros cul !

Alexa & The Maher Effect

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Steady, steady, steady WHOOPS! What happened there? The Chuckster is free falling again. Maybe f-bombing Bill Maher for TwitterLikes wasn’t such a magical jazzy idea after all.

In other news, Alexa will be retiring on 1 May 2022, but don’t worry, Charles. There are others to fill the void. Film at 11.

Ingrained Fear Magazine

Happy New Year

“I Had A Dream.”

ALEXA’s Little Green Update

I decided it’s time to check the Graph of Declination again, and was a bit surprised at the improvement. Turns out it’s not an improvement at all, as he’s at about the same spot he was in January of last year… and the year before that. Since that screencap is from last week, here’s an update:

BTW, Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit is down also. He’s only ranked 799, but that’s an unfair comparison. The Geller Report isn’t – Pam’s at 80,255. 😀

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