The New LGF Look is a Clusterchuck.

That screenshot kinda speaks for itself.

Charles Johnson, Missile Commander

Atari’s Missile Command and Space Invaders were released in 1980. The Atari 400 sold for $500 in 1980. The Atari 800 sold for twice as much. The only significant difference was the keyboard.

Charles was 27 years old when he blew the equivalent of $1,800 just so he could do this:

Something just ain’t right about an adult playing PewPewPew… and then bragging about it four decades later.

$3.99 Clown Food from Trader Joe’s Culver City

Helps if you follow the prep instructions instead of letting them thaw for a couple hours and nuking them.

Yep. That’s clown food.

Donald Chuck

Duck off, Peckerhead.

Charles broke his little dinger.

Charles fux up stuff so he can brag about fixing it, John.

Possibly the coolest thing Charles Johnson saw today.

He seems kind of obsessed…

Charles on Stuff

Charles on War

Putin has Charles blocked.

Charles on Drugs

Can’t stop addicts from doing lethal drugs so give them clean paraphernalia to do lethal drugs so they don’t fucking die.

Charles on Email

Charles’ spam filter leaks.

Charles on Shit

Charles never goes out.

“u mad bro?” – The Ass in Harass, aka Charles Johnson

Just one little tweet brought out Charles’ fan base.

The Culver City Blobber was on a roll.

Wit is not Charles’ strong suit.

The Drive-By Wit of Charles Johnson

“I Had A Dream.”