Charles Johnson: Rape Baby Expert

Charles knows.

Charles the Blank

A Non Sequitur

Lately Chuck’s twitterfeed has produced little to no content worth mentioning (cat picture retweets?!) and his posts on LGF appear to be auto-generated music adverts. Charles, if you don’t up your game, we’re going to run out of mockworthy material.

Effin’ Chuck.

And Charles doesn’t have a “fucking life” to battle for.

The Wit & Whiz of Magical Jazzy

Coming up with such brilliance to share with the world makes a ponytail mighty hongry. Now off to Trader Joe’s.

Venomous lizards are clamping & thrashing again.

Speaking of grifters, check out this lizard-lapping suckage. How long did FFace have to pester this Bobcie Twit to get the gig of a lifetime?

Click on the image only if you really really really want to hear Charles babble about things he doesn’t know anything about.

You Put Your Left Foot In

…your mouth again, Chuck.

Them be some fat stompy feets, Charles.

The New LGF Look is a Clusterchuck.

That screenshot kinda speaks for itself.

Wednesday Night Twig

16 hours later, Charles rolled off the futon to bask in his artistry.

So what did he spill that he had to hose off?