Charles Enters The Mastodon

A quick perusal of Chuck’s Mastodork feed reveals that he still thinks the platform is the equivalent of Twitter, and he’s going to fix it by whining. His content is typical Johnson – sporadic inane gripes and a lot of spamming links to LGF Amazon account, with a lot of “boosts” begging for attention. Only a matter of time before @Shoq blocks him.

The Chuck of the Eye Rash

Erin Go Bleaugh.

His neighbors complained.

No other explanation, unless he has a talking cat.
Perhaps this is related:

2am Pay to Play? Um… nah. Not going there, brah…

Charles Johnson’s Tweet Editing Prowess

Charles the turd-shiner.

Kill a Haole Day 1968

“Elon infested my website with WORMS!” – Charles Johnson, Website Designer

Damn tough to break external feeds for master progomer Charles. Next he’s going to bog down his site with Mastodon links so he can bitch about that too.

Charles’ FA&FO Moment – Extended Version

and so it begins…

Charles the Drama Diva

Tough guy can’t handle FB or Twitter, so you’re gonna drop deuces all over the Mastadon threads now? They’re gonna love your drama diva act, phlegm brain.

So Charles, just get it over with and shut down your Twitter account. Are you going to whine about it forever?


Happy New Year to our favorite Zero…

… and the skidmark on the pants of the Internet.

Merry Christmas To Blogmockers Everywhere (and to you too, Charles)

Charles Johnson Defends a Pedo because MDS*

*Musk Derangement Syndrome