Who is the Stalker who stalks Daedalus? :D

A mere 17 days earlier:

We’re mocking, not stalking.
Jeering, not smearing.
What an attention whore.

He’s an expert. He wears a mask. At home. Alone.

 Couple of things you missed, Charles.

California’s Trail of Tiers.


Johnson Obsesses: More Greenwald

Someone should explain to Mr. Atkins what Charles is refe… oh wait…

BTW, this David Atkins is a real mover and shaker, just like Charles.

[UPDATE: Just added a new search category: Glenn Greenwald. It links to all posts related to Charles’ longtime obsession.]

Twitter trouble, braddah? We’re here to help.

Johnson’s Favorite Angry Black Lady Encourages Arson & Theft

IIRC Imani Gandy, aka @AngryBlackLady, once had an account at LGF but was banned after too many racist comments. She doesn’t appear in the BRC Master Blocked List, so she may have been reinstated at some point. She’s included in Charles’ “Some Of My Best Friends Are” list, and he still plays footsie with her on Twitter.

Charles gets the wiggles.

Charles says, “Yikes.”

Ninety Days In The Hole

Me:    “Alexa, show me a graph of a dying blog.

Alexa: “Is it little, green and deflated?”

Me:    “Yes.”

Alexa: “Does it have a pony tail?”

Me:    “Yes. It’s magical and jazzy.”

Alexa: “Lol. Check it out. Here’s 31 December 2020 to 1 April 2021.”

Johnson’s ride is steady as he blows, and the February bump didn’t help him much. Gotta feed those bots, Charles. Alexa has some other features, like this:

That’s the LGF audience by nation for the last 90 days. For comparison, here’s the same world coverage for *ahem* another blog for just one week:

Sure, Lolo Grease Fumbles gets more traffic, but very limited attention world-wide. Like none. Keep your chins up, Chuck. It’s all downhill from here.

Oh wait. One more thing:

[Source: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/littlegreenfootballs.com#section_traffic]

Then and Now


On the 18th Anniversary of St. Pancake

Full archive of St. Pancake goods is here.