LGF Memory Hole Mosaic

On display are the archived images of Little Green Football’s lost comments, deleted text, and retroactively hidden threads. They are preserved to the best of our abilities, and when the entirety of the original content cannot be recovered, other evidence is presented as proof of their existence.

Note: Many of the screenshots and links provided were gleaned from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  Around mid-October 2010, Johnson made the move to block access to those archives, thus rendering those links useless.

Note: As it is very easy to make hidden threads public again on a blog, we will often see this happen once the change has been exposed (presumably, as an attempt to cloud the issue and/or discredit the mosaic).    Follow the links below for direct and anecdotal evidence.

(update: article has since reappeared)
(this article has since reappeared)
(update: article has since reappeared)

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