“Get off my website!”

Johnson has had a reputation for banning many members from LGF for quite some time now.  What was unknown (until recently) was just how many.

Luckily, we have some smart and resourceful people here in The Boiler Room, and we were able to begin tabulating the data.  Below is an xlsx spreadsheet containing our latest list of blocked LGF accounts, complete with sortable columns for “nic”, “comments”, “deleted” comments, “karma”, “links”, “reg(istration) date”, and “reg. time”, gleaned from the user profile data:

  • MasterBlockedList 3-13-12 (xlsx spreadsheet, updated 3/13/12) 15,780 confirmed blocked LGF accounts
  • MasterBlockedList-3-20-12 (xlsx spreadsheet, updated 3/20/12) 15,831 confirmed blocked LGF accounts
  • LGF_BlockedList2013 (spreadsheet, updated 12/21/13) 16,027 confirmed blocked LGF accounts

For complete analysis of this data: LGF Banned List Update: Lizard Genocide, followed by Analysis and Conclusion: Why @Lizardoid Blocked Over 10,000 LGF Accounts Last Year, as well as Another Grim Milestone for LGF: 16000+ Banned

We should also note that, in addition to being banned, many formerly prominent members have had their entire commenting history scrubbed from the LGF archives.  This means that hundreds of thousands of comments are going to be missing from the profile data we’re gathering (these are comments that Johnson does include in his total comment stats for the site, however).

We’ll periodically update with the latest file, and if you notice that a banned member is missing from our list, please feel free to use our contact form.

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For the historical record, Johnson’s current tally:

“Get off my website” – 76
“Piss off” – 71
“bite me” – 55
“start your own blog” – 54
“bid you adieu” – 49