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credit goes to atman, one of the old guard back in the day.

Charles turns up everywhere these days

Looks to me that Charles Johnson is now the head of an auto theft ring in Culver City and other places in Southern California.

You can earn stats and cash by delivering various cars to his gated community. But no cheetos or mountain dew for you!

Who knew Charles was a giant of the truckstop industry?

In addition to being a failed jazz artist, a preacher, a gospel singer, a baseball legend and many other things, it seems that Charles also has his fingers in the truckstop industry. Who knows what else this man is capable of?

I believe that Cheetos are on sale in the convenience store side of the building.

The actual website is here. In all honesty, this is one of the last of the old school truckstops. Excellent food and service. Highly recommended if you are on Interstate 25 south of Loveland CO.

BTW, this is post number 2000 on Diary of Daedalus.

Someone needs a good asswhipping; Update: This may not be Jimmah of LGF

The other night, Ace over at AoSHQ went out for the evening and iceweasel let Jimmah out of his cage to wreak havoc over there. That piece of crap did so much damage to Ace that he was forced to start up registration which is a fucking shame since his freewheeling comments were an absolute riot to see and read.

Here is the entire story of what happened…

Comments Are Disabled Until Further Notice

I apologize to most commenters.

Jimmah, however, has decided to set blog policy for me, and several others have decided to challenge me on the point as well.

I will have to end commenting until I can figure out how to ban them.

This is precisely how I wanted to spend my Friday night.

I know that everyone else — everyone else — was of course pleasant and wonderful as usual.

But there are some who just enjoy sabotage and fragging.

I don’t know how to fix it at the moment, so I’m going to possibly simply destroy the blog by letting it go dark.

But I don’t know what else to do.

You expect to be knifed in the front by your enemies. It’s too much to be knifed in the back as well.

Again, I realize most people understand without being told.

My mistake here is thinking some people will understand if told — no, the sort of person that doesn’t know until told also won’t know after he’s told.

Thanks for everyone who understands without being told.

For the rest, registration is coming, possibly Monday. I do not have the time or patience regarding continuing arguments about Standard Blog Policy — standard blog policy on any blog, at any time, let alone now, when I’m under siege — and I simply will not be entertaining any more arguments about it.

You can be stubborn about a lot of things, but when you get stubborn over another man’s right to make his livelhood as he believes right, and to protect himself and his family as best he knows how, you’ve gotten stubborn about the wrong thing, and the last thing.

And also, you’re a bad person with a deep psychological problem, and no, merely being “conservative” does not make up for your selfishness and arrogance. You might want to consider character-building exercises over reading about politics. Before one’s a good conservative, one ought to strive to first be a good human being.

Without the latter, the former isn’t worth shit.

Posted by Ace at 02:46 AM

Just wanted to point out the asshattery of that punkass Jimmah.

Let the word out and tweet like demons, all you DoDers!

UPDATE: Ace has turned commenting back on. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Update II: Many are claiming this is not the same Jimmah from LGF.

RPVD (Rocket Propelled Varmint Dragster)


So now we know what Possum has been doing in his secret lair…

Chuckie’s favorite Chinese restaurant


Daedalus and I discussed this place on BTR last Sunday, April 30, 2012. They have quite the menu, all dishes named after Communist themes and whatnot. Here is the entire menu I copied off the website. Get a load of the names of some of those dishes…


1. Beijing Spring roll One scrumptious vegetarian spring roll for $1

1a. Peasants’ onion pancake $5
So good! Have as an appetizer or eat it up along with an entrée

2. Crunchy wonton $6
Fried crisp with morsels of seasoned chicken inside – served with our sweet & sour sauce and spicy mustard for dipping

3. Lettuce cup $9
Minced chicken or tofu, chopped green beans, carrot & jicama served with lettuce wrappers

4. Gang of Four fried shrimp $6

5. Eggplant pamphlet $7
Five eggplant-bound volumes filled with shrimp or tofu propaganda

6. People’s potstickers $8
Pan-fried dumplings – herb-seasoned chicken filling – or our black mushroom, bok choy, wood ear mushroom & smoked tofu filling

6a. Bamboo steamer dumpling $8
Herb-seasoned chicken filling – or our black mushroom, bok choy, wood ear mushroom & smoked tofu filling

6b. Shrimp & spinach dumplings $8
Six dumplings filled with herb marinated shrimp, spinach & delicately fried egg – each order freshly made & steamed

6c. Shrimp & spinach roll $2
Crispy fried roll with chopped shrimp, spinach & egg filling

88. Cha shao bbq pork $8
Sliced and served with hoisin and sesame seeds

vegan broth available upon request

7. Peace not war wonton $8
Mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, carrots & chicken wonton dumplings in our delicious home-style chicken broth – for $2 add cha shao bbq pork

7a. Model citizen noodle soup $9
Huge bowl! herbs, vegetables & beef with wheat-flour egg-noodles in a light bonito broth

8. Egg flower $5
Delicate egg, zucchini, snow pea, carrot, cilantro & tomato in our home-style chicken broth

9. Hot & sour $6 large, $3 small
Tofu, tomato & wood-ear mushroom in the famously tasty spicy chicken broth

10. Spinach, tofu & black mushroom $6


11. One dollar $1
Lettuce, cucumber & shredded carrots with our sweet & light vinegar-soy dressing

12. Crispy $9 (shrimp or smoked tofu $1 more)
Choice of chicken, shrimp or smoked tofu – lettuce, cucumber & jicama garnished with carrots, green onions, ground peanut, pickled ginger, cilantro, black sesame seeds & dressing. For 1$ more have grilled shrimp or smoked tofu instead of chicken.

13. Spinach $7
Fresh spinach leaves, mushrooms, bean sprouts, fresh mango, tomato, grilled chicken & almonds with our sweet, light, vingar-soy dressing. For 1$ more have grilled shrimp or smoked tofu instead of chicken.

Protein choice of beef, pork, chicken, soft tofu, fried tofu, almond, peanut or cashew – cha shao bbq pork, shrimp, sole or smoked tofu – $1 more.

14. Bok choy over chow fun $8
Wide rice-flour noodles, bok choy, bean sprouts, onion, tomato, green onion, shredded carrot & choice of protein – most popular street food in Canton Province.

15. Fresh vegetables over lo mien $8
Thin wheat-flour egg-noodles with bok choy, tomato, bean sprout, shredded carrot, mushroom, onion & choice of protein

15a. Curry rice-stick $10
Stir fried with onion, celery, bean sprouts, seasoned egg & Madras curry – choice of protein

16. Hong Kong chow mien $10
Wok-fried bed of wheat-flour egg-noodles with sumptuously saucy vegetables – try this with fish (add1$)

17. Fried rice $7
White or brown rice, shredded egg, snow pea & carrot with bean sprouts, green onion & choice of protein – try with cashew or add $2 to enjoy chairman’s treatment of extra scrambled egg on top

Protein choice of beef, pork, chicken, soft tofu, fried tofu, almond, peanut or cashew. Shrimp, sole or smoked tofu – $2 more. Entrées come with jasmine rice – brown rice 50¢ more. Vegan sauces available upon request.

18. Kungpao $10
Onion, green onion, bell-pepper, carrot, peanut & Sichuan pepper together in the world-famous style

19. Orange-ginger $12
Lightly batter-fried slices of beef or chicken served in our renowned sauce of fresh oranges, fresh ginger, dried tangerine peel, green onions & Sichuan peppers, garnished with blanched broccoli

20. Black-bean $11
Choice of protein with broccoli, zucchini, onion, mushroom & carrot in a hearty garlic black-bean sauce

21. Sweet & sour $11
Pineapple, onion, cucumber & bell pepper in our own all-natural extremely tasty sweet & sour sauce with your choice of pork, chicken, cashew, shrimp or fish – each available either batter or stir fried

22. Mao’s Hometown $11
Made just like Mao’s mama’s in Hunan Province! Smoked tofu & wood ear mushroom in our lightly spicy house sauce – for this dish we recommend fish or shrimp

23. Long-life beans $9
Green beans braised with black bean sauce – highly addictive!

24. Mapo tofu $10
Stew of soft tofu in spicy sauce direct from Sichuan Province – have it the traditional way with beef, or for 2$ more try with fish

25. Sesame & yam beef $11
Slices of lightly batter-fried beef, snow pea, fresh tomato & yam in spicy-sweet sauce with sesame seeds – this recipe comes from the 1911 revolutionary capitol, Nanjing

26. Qingjiao rousi $10
Try your Chinese pronunciation on this! Shredded pork & marinated, roasted tofu with green & red bell-peppers stir-fried in our light country-style sauce

27. Mushroom chicken $9
Tender sliced chicken, snow peas & white mushroom in our Shaoxing wine sauce

28. Countryside commune eggs $7
Seasoned egg with fresh tomato, green onion, garlic & ginger

29. Long March camp-fry $7
Chinese cabbage, snow pea, tomato, wood-ear mushroom, white mushroom, zucchini & bean sprouts

33. Sautéed spinach &/or bok choy $7
Wok-sautéed with just a little oil, green onion & garlic, then served in its own broth – a deliciously light treat & a beautiful accompaniment to richer entrées

34. Sichuan eggplant $11
Sweet & spicy wok-sautéed young eggplant with choice of protein

35. Coconut curry $11
Green beans, eggplant, tomato, broccoli, black mushroom, carrot, onion & bokchoy with choice of protein

36. Garlic $9
Onion, bell pepper, carrot & broccoli with generous garlic & a touch of Vietnamese fish sauce

37. Salt & pepper $9 veggie, $12 seafood
Choice of delicately batter-fried seafood or vegetables – seasoned with fresh green hot chili-peppers, onions, white pepper & salt

38. Weiwuer lamb $12
A very popular street food from remote ancient silk road region in northwest China… salt, cumin & chili powder with sliced lamb, cashew, jicama, onion & cilantro – fast cooked in the wok

39. Shao montain lamb $12
Slices of lamb, leek & jalapenos stir-fried with preserved black beans & our secret sauce


Jasmine iced tea $2.50

Fresh home-made ginger-ale $2.50

Fresh-squeezed juices at Melrose Avenue location only
Pineapple $6, Tomato $3, Orange $3.5, Carrot $3.5, Green Scare! $5

Hot teas by the pot $2 per person – see our specials list for the current selection from our kitchen & around the world

Fountain soda $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer

Bottled water
flat $1.50, small San Pellegrino $2, large San Pellegrino $4


Red bean pastries $4
Six small pastries made from sweet rice flour, cooked fresh each order!

Chocolate pineapple $6
One-quarter of a freshly sliced pineapple served with a rich, warm, intensely chocolate dipping sauce

If you want to go to their website, it’s right here.

Question… Why in the hell would some idiots open a place in honor of possibly the man with the highest bodycount in history, which is 73,237,000.

The racist Hunan Taste restaurant had to change its name

To Hunan Tasty!


You see, back on July 7, 2011, I alerted the readers of Daedalus about the horrible den of racism in Los Angeles, the Hunan Taste eatery on San Vicente and Olympic. It is possible that the mindless minions of LGF were activated by the wise Sage of Culver City, the Guru of Culver Boulevard, the Wizard of Washington Boulevard and the keeper of the holy and magical ponytail, yes, activated to bring shock and horror to the owners of Hunan Taste of dangers of Nazis and eeevil bloggers and commenters that are Diary of Daedalus. Perhaps the fear of Chuckie led to the name change, since it is clear that the owners of Hunan Tasty don’t want to have to call the LAPD and eject smelly OWS-type LGF minions from their property. Not good for business or image. Just sayin…

It is possible also that the owners of Hunan Taste did a google search on Hunan Fried Rice and found out that Diary of Daedalus beat them in ranking. DoD comes in sixth, higher in ranking than any actual Chinese restaurant. Truly amazing.

Charlie don’t surf!

But Junior Brown sure does.

Face it, Chuckie, jazz music is fucking crap next to this genre.

The Globular Cluster Thread

On October 2, 2003 when LGF was a real blog with real intellects, Charles posted a photo from NASA of the Sombrero Galaxy. One of the posters named Yair denied that the Sombrero Galaxy was real because it lacked globular clusters.

Here is a screenshot of the very beginning of that thread…

By the end of that thread, there were 434 comments that lasted all night. It was one of those threads that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

For the record, here is the entire thread. It’s a long one but it’s worth it to look at, so just click on it and enjoy.

Could this be Irish Rose?

I bet the 400 pound tub of shit from the Grand Rapids trailer park zone sounds like this piece of crap!