Charles Johnson Recalls What Never Happened.

Charles, you obviously weren’t paying attention in the ’60s. The democrats wrote and enforced the Jim Crow segregation laws that the Reverend Dr. King, Jr., was protesting, and it was a democrat career criminal who assassinated him.

From Wiki:

[James Earl] Ray returned to the United States, arriving in Los Angeles on November 19, 1967. While in Los Angeles, Ray attended a local bartending school and took dance lessons. His chief interest, however, was the George Wallace presidential campaign. Ray harbored a strong prejudice against African Americans and was quickly drawn to Wallace’s segregationist platform. He spent much of his time in Los Angeles volunteering at the Wallace campaign headquarters in North Hollywood.

Wallace was a democrat running as an independent. BTW, 1967 was the year the 1st black man was elected to the US Senate – Edward W. Brooke was a Republican.

Maybe you should refresh your false-flag memory from your doped-up years and read something (besides your Twitter feedbag) or next you’re going to claim that MLK was an atheist.

Charles Johnson, a lighter shade of whey, speaks talc to powder.

Speaking of Talcum X:

Someone in that crowd planted that noose (says Charles Johnson)

Funeral for a rope? No FOXSports reporter, no employee of the racetrack, and not a single person in that picture knows the difference between a garage door pull and a noose. It took 15 FBI agents flown in from DC to check to make sure.

Click on the image above for Terence K. William’s take. The somber @FOXSports funeral video feed is here.

Charles Johnson on Protesters

Yep. Them be Charles Johnson’s actual words.


“Alexa, what’s up with Little Green Footballs?

Something unusual happened in the month of April that garnered Charles an odd boost in traffic. Instead of the regular moguls followed by a downhill cannonball, the increase was relatively even and noticeably steady, suggesting that Charles is messing with his view stats again.

April was the month that the Chinese Lung AIDS pandemic peaked, but that wouldn’t explain the steady increase, and neither would all the inane Seth Meyers videos he co-opts.

Maybe we should have put a tracker on it, but it’s moot at this point.

He plateaued for a balmy 18 days before Alexa woke up and said, “WTF? You tryin’ to be a ‘splody food pimple* or what?” and knocked him off the statistical futon. Again.

[Source: Previous 90 day Alexa rankage here.]

* Credit goes to dezzeez.

Woman says she’s 32. Charles Johnson says he’s 12.

We just had to zoom in on Sandwich Number 12:

And while we’re at it:

Blue-Checked POTUS retweets Blue-Checked Malik Obama account that features a parody video and Charles Johnson sees sockpuppets.

Here’s the offending tweet:

(Any bets on when the Magical Jazzy Ponytail deletes his IgnoTweet?)

First the Chinese Virus, then the Peaceful Riots & Now Charles Johnson is a Victim.

It was just a matter of time before the big goy stepped into piddimmi mode. (Looks like he’s still playing footsie with Karoli Kuns, too.) Meanwhile, something unusual happened to his Alexa traffic rank that smells of view manipulation, and perhaps the Adsense complaints are related. We’ll monitor the situation…

Open for business will be the addy for this site for the time being.


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