Charlie don’t surf!

But Junior Brown sure does.

Face it, Chuckie, jazz music is fucking crap next to this genre.

The Globular Cluster Thread

On October 2, 2003 when LGF was a real blog with real intellects, Charles posted a photo from NASA of the Sombrero Galaxy. One of the posters named Yair denied that the Sombrero Galaxy was real because it lacked globular clusters.

Here is a screenshot of the very beginning of that thread…

By the end of that thread, there were 434 comments that lasted all night. It was one of those threads that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

For the record, here is the entire thread. It’s a long one but it’s worth it to look at, so just click on it and enjoy.

Could this be Irish Rose?

I bet the 400 pound tub of shit from the Grand Rapids trailer park zone sounds like this piece of crap!

Behold the anti-christian postings of a deranged madman

I’m going to let this stand on it’s own. Speaks volumes.

Hat tip goes to an anonymous reader from an email we got here at DoD. If you are reading it, thanks!

Update (ChenZhen): Anon. tipster sends us the ‘cap of the thread’s updingers:

No one has heard of Charles at the Occupy LA protest

The unparalleled Andrew Breitbart was walking around downtown Los Angeles at the protest on October 6th and he was asking people various questions about why they were there, what the eeeevil corporations are doing to them in their personal lives and just doing a brave service to America.

When you get to the 3:20 mark, he asks this guy if he knows who Charles Johnson is and the guy had NO IDEA. Goes to show you one thing, Charles is absolutely a big fat ZERO. That’s right, no one from SEIU, the teachers unions, the various smelly hippies, the anarchists and the Communists have any idea who the Sage of Culver City is.

Here is a link to the Breitbart TV site, where you can get the scoop.

Charles, there is a new bike you need to take a look at…

It runs on POOP! No, this is not a joke… has the scoop, or shall we say, a gigantic shovel for all the shit…

Now every citizen of Culver City, nay, the world, can look to the Sage of Culver City for guidance in all things ecological and green. All Charles has to do is shove a 3/8 inch hose up his ass and roar down Culver Boulevard with not a care in the world.

Oh, the hate! 25 downdings…

All because rwmofo called out those fucking tranzis on all their bullshit.

Please discuss…