LGF Comments Participation – Crush Depth Imminent?

As most of our loyal readers know, the BRC has been keeping an eye on the participation side of LGF, and noticing that activity continues to slow down on a relatively steady pace over there.  While Johnson rides off onto twitter to engage in pointless slap fights and bite the ankles of more popular internet entities in a desperate attempt to get attention, the site that was (not so long ago) a strong contender for “best online community” is left twisting in the wind and has declined to a point that hasn’t been seen since 2003 (before the ajax commenting system and account registration).

In a way, it’s kinda disappointing.  After all, it gives us a lot less to laugh at. Where’s the excitement?

Boiler Room Engineer No. 5 delivers the latest stats, complete with our usual visual aids:

Attached be three views of LGF comment trends across different time scales.
2009-2011, by month: the average daily number of comments in each month for the last 3 years.  It clearly shows the bottom falling out in 2009-2010. But what about 2011? It sort of flattened out. That doesn’t look so bad. Enter chart 2.
2011, by week: the average daily number of comments in each week of 2011.  It shows the continuation of the downward trend which was mostly obscured on the monthly chart by a series of nicely spaced “Big Stories” from April through November.  In the absence of a big story or (successfully) manufactured outrage, December had the lowest commenting rate since July 2003.
2012, by day: the actual daily number of comments each day so far this year.  Statistically, it’s not really fair to say that 14 days can show a continuing decline.  But the chart shows such a pretty downward slope, it would be wrong not to.
The daily numbers are also approaching lows rarely seen since 2003.

156 Comments on “LGF Comments Participation – Crush Depth Imminent?”

  1. ChenZhen says:

  2. swamprat says:

    So at a certain depth (lack of depth?) she’ll implode and go to the bottom under her own weight?

  3. snowcrash says:

    I predict more desperate atttemps by Charles at starting a flame war.

    • Lily says:

      Snow that is a given. This year he will do plently of flame wars. He is getting rather predictablle in that area isn’t he?

  4. swamprat says:

    If the comments average below 500 in a presidential election year, my ability to sincerely mock might be at risk. Not that I am above an insincere chuckle now and then, but I might start devoting more time to restoring antique air cooled small engines and building ships in a bottle.

  5. Emperor says:

    There can’t be much time left until Charles posts the “Why I Left the Left” post and/or an endorsement of Ron Paul.

    • swamprat says:

      “Why I left mainstream reality and became a fringe conspiracy site and discount catalog blog.”

      Links to info wars, rense and wirlednetdaily

  6. Poteen says:

    We should be up for ‘best online community.’ We’re a community. A dysfunctional island of lost toys maybe, but a community.

  7. swamprat says:

    charles could always start a few new blogs under different themes and see which ones take off.

    /bites tongue about iceweasels’ assistance

  8. Poteen says:

    Emperor :
    There can’t be much time left until Charles posts the “Why I Left the Left” post and/or an endorsement of Ron Paul.

    And his conversion to Church of LDS. That’ll get him some traffic.

  9. John Difool says:

    When Chunky goes off on his little ankle-biting escapades on Twitter like some fat demented chihuahua, you can best bet it’s another vain attempt at driving traffic over to his defunct blog.

    You can almost set your watch by it.

  10. John Difool says:

    Maybe he can start a cooking blog and become the even fatter than Paula Deen food guru of the libtard blogosphere:

    I’ll bet he has somewhere around a million recipes for Cheetos ready and raring to go.

    He could call it:

    Little Green Butterballs

    Large Gourmet Fudgeballs


    ……well the possibilities are endless.

  11. P. Ness Lowell says:

    Weiner sure is a little bump.

  12. swamprat says:

    I thought the last two days were an anomaly, but I see now It’s just part of an overall trend. He has distanced himself from the Right, Christians, the Left(but in the past), sullied himself with anti-Israel associations, his Geller-stalking would sicken a true feminist, his shrill, un thinking attacks in general would turn off reasonable and actual moderates, most muslims aren’t going to forget his past…

    …He is left with the hard left, unmoderate atheists, a small crowd of those hanging on through inertia, and some socks, trolls, stalkers and spys.
    Attrition has to take it’s toll. It’s not a blog you would think to join. I see TheDailyKos and Huffpo as more thoughful and centered. And if I wanted leftwing nuttery, i would probably join MoveOn or Dem Underground.
    No niche/pissed on his friends/nothing original/an aggregation of the least insightful leftwing talking points

    Don’t see a future unless something changes. And frankly, I hope it does. I would love to see better from charles, his commenters and his blog in general.

    Good luck. Hatin’ the right ain’t gettin’ it.

  13. Zeus Crankypants says:

    P. Ness Lowell :

    And New Whigs.

    Let me tell you about the Modern Whigs…


    And later I’ll post a view of the sun going down over the hills of California.

  14. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Hey Charles… you’re Messiah went to church today… can’t wait for you to tweet some nasty about that…

    First Family worships at historic black church

    This morning, the First Family were honored to worship and celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday with the congregation of the historic Zion Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Zion Baptist Church is a historic congregation in the nation’s capitol founded in 1864 by African Americans who migrated to Washington from Fredericksburg, VA. The pastor of Zion Baptist Church is Rev. Keith Byrd, Sr. The President and the First Family … have attended services at 19th Street Baptist Church, the Washington National Cathedral, Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, and multiple services at St. John’s Episcopal Church and Evergreen Chapel at Camp David.”


    The fucking first family are a bunch of horrible Christians. What are you going to do now Chuckie?

  15. swamprat says:

    Sigh. Goes outside to bring in some wood and a small aircooled engine of unknown manufacture….

  16. Well, when you’re right why say anything more?

  17. Nomad says:

    I’ve been curious about whether he was picking up any support from the left blogosphere, so about a month ago, and then today, I googled for refences to LGF. What I saw today was that the links for left blogs were almost entirely good notices he was getting for his “Why I Left the Right” post in 2010. I didn’t see any sign of recent interest in him from that corner.

    I’ve long felt that part of the reason is his lack of honesty about his own past, in particular that he tolerated, and sometimes actively supported those he now condemns.

    • Minnow says:

      in true lizard fashion…. Chunkhaole has a forked tongue and everyone knows it now.

      and he’s fat.

      and he is really pale.

      and his face looks bloated as shit.

      n shit.

    • Poteen says:

      He doesn’t allow any political debate. It’s all about ‘ neo confederates, bigots and nazis’.
      They fight battles won long ago with imaginary ‘neo’ enemies.
      And the dummy doesn’t know why or what is happening.

      • Daedalus says:

        Poteen :

        He doesn’t allow any political debate. It’s all about ‘ neo confederates, bigots and nazis’.
        They fight battles won long ago with imaginary ‘neo’ enemies.
        And the dummy doesn’t know why or what is happening.

        Don’t forget Tobacco Companies.

      • Poteen says:

        Don’t forget Tobacco Companies.

        They qualify as southern bigot neo confederates

  18. P. Ness Lowell says:

    So what’s a liberal to do when a quarterback spikes the ball, drops to his knees, and screams “praise Obama!”?

  19. 600 to 700 or so to many post if you ask me.

    Now if they/he would just let Luddwig Van Quick Quack back on posing, might be worth burning a sock or two.

  20. garycooper says:

    A little friendly juxtaposition, from Kate at SDA:

    ‘Member when Abu Grabass was all dumb Bush’s fault?

    Well now, the troops are just undermining the good president’s efforts to fight “the right war:”

    To make this bit fit the format, this is an illustration of the way Derp Fatasz thinks.

  21. Is there a way to contact Luddwig, if so lets set him up a blog, chip in to pay for it.

    He can call it wadupdafacts and link to watts up with that and take the AGW side and use lgf’s as his back up fact check crew.

    I’m sure Luddwig’ and his blog would be able to out post lgf’s the first day.

    I’m in for .50 cents.

  22. garycooper says:

    Describes The Fall Of Fatasz’s blog, among other things.

  23. ChenZhen says:

    CJ whipped out his ban stick again:

    58 Lidane
    Sun, Jan 15, 2012 7:01:37pm
    re: #57 Charles

    Wow, that was fast. A stalker sock?

  24. MrPaulRevere says:

    They are saying someone burned a sock over there, not that theres anything wrong with that (wink)

  25. P. Ness Lowell says:

    Golly, chuck. If you were and innovator instead of an imitator, you could be writing stupid shiite for Newsweak:


  26. Doppelganger says:

    I remember when the ONDT had 1000 comments!

    charles you really ruined a good thing you dickhead!

  27. Minnow says:

    engineer dog is now castigating Dork and implying that the companies that Bain Capital sold off were not necessarily in need of sell-off or closure.

    Hey dumbass engineer dog…. if they were making money, those companies would still be in operation today.

    They were losing money – get it?

    Why is it Dork’s responsibility to prove it?

    You dumb fuck.

    His words “i haven’t seem the least scintia of evidence that these companies were unsaveable, or even unprofitable”…. which, of course is unintelligible….

    but hey – let’s not get too worried about words and meanings – what the fuck – it’s the innernetz….

  28. Minnow says:

    say – has anyone seem Ludwig the dooshbagg?

  29. Doppelganger says:

    “Gloom , despiar, and agony on me
    deep dark depression, excessive missery
    if it weren’t for those socks, I’d have no hits at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me”

    —- with apologies to Hee Haw

  30. Minnow says:

    engineer dog’s scope in the business world is limited to balancing his check book…. (that is, if his mom doesn’t do it for him)

    • MrPaulRevere says:

      He wants an airy-fairy fantasy world where no one ever gets laid off. I’ve been laid off, had hours cut and had pension funds drop in value. It happens.

      • Minnow says:

        same here – I have been laid off, watched my retirement account shrink with the market…

        I have worked for any number of companies and all of them have (at one time or another) been through tough times.

        And, I have watched some companies go down the tubes.

        Some do. Because of crappy management…. because of the economy.

        At some point, loser companies must be closed. How can anyone not recognize that someone, somewhere is paying for the ongoing quarterly losses, quarter after quarter after quarter.

        At a certain point, a person has to say – this isn’t working.

        Don’t forget engineer dog, companies are in BUSINESS to make money.

        If they can’t make money, why is there an expectation on your part to require someone to keep paying for the losses?

        There is only this expectation on your part because you have never been the one writing the checks….. watching the account drop and drop and drop…….

  31. JimboXL says:

    Is this the red giant phase of LGF? A shell that is producing helium, but a core of inactive helium.

    • Doppelganger says:

      I think it’s producing sulfurous egg farts. an even greater sign of decay and inactivity

      and charles was never a star. he was really a cut and paste nebula at best

  32. ISTE says:

    Breaking News!

    Charles Johnson discovers someone has deleted something!!!

    182 Charles
    Sun, Jan 15, 2012 8:38:20pm

    Huntsman has now deleted his anti-Romney videos and website.

    Whoa, he DELETED things???


    In other unrelated news,

    Huntsman Withdrawing from Presidential Race

    • Doppelganger says:

      There are reports that Huntsman once referred to Romney as ST PANCAKE, though Huntsman denies

      more to follow

    • Doppelganger says:

      oh by the way Charles, you fucking dummy: This is done in every campaign since video was invented. remember Hillary ran against hussein and had negative ads, that were pulled. now she is his sec of state. does that ring a bell, moron?

      the fact that you mention this further proves you are nothing but an internet troll, and a poorly educated one at that.

      kos isn’t calling
      huff po ain’t calling
      colbert isn’t calling

      face it, you are done

    • MrPaulRevere says:

      He embarresses himself by commenting on matters he’s obviously
      naive about. He had a good gig going when he was a foreign policy news aggregator. Some folks have a hard time dealing with success. They think proficiency in one area ensures success in another. His ego got the better of him.

  33. ChenZhen says:

    • ISTE says:

      I can’t see that tweet because the spiteful bitch WindUpBird blocked me..


      Gus_802 Gus
      @turbinedivinity Nice being here on Twitter and not having to be worried about being ganged up on and down dinged. Or banned. Meh.
      19 hours ago
      in reply to @Gus_802 ↑
      Turbine Divinity
      @turbinedivinity Turbine Divinity
      @Gus_802 there’s nothing to be banned from! just beer on this end


    • ChenZhen says:

      • Diogenes says:

        I may need an Intervention of some sort.

        Just read through Gus’ recent tweets, and I’m agreeing with some of them.

      • ChenZhen says:

        like the one where gus finally found the straw man?


        if he only had a brain

      • ISTE says:

        Diogenes :
        I may need an Intervention of some sort.
        Just read through Gus’ recent tweets, and I’m agreeing with some of them.

        Gus was once one of us before he sold his soul and became one of them.

        Picked at random.

        06059760 31604 300 Gus 802 Fri, Oct 17, 2008 1:58:13pm

        It’s rather astonishing to see what Obama campaign and his supporters are doing to Joe W. It is as if though they sent for a team of private investigators to look into the background of Joe. I’ll assume that this was done online and offline both in an official and non-official capacity.

        This is typical Chicago style tactics whether the players are complicit of not. Simply for asking a question to The Arrogant One Barack Obama his life has been put on display for all Americans to see. They have “exposed” a tax lien for a paltry $1,500 that Joe owes. Do they realize would pathetic amount this is to owe in taxes and how outrageous it is to impose a lien for such a ridiculously small amount? Unfortunately, the strong arm of government will impose liens for lesser amounts.

        If Americans don’t see the meaning behind this then they are blind. Under an Obama Thugocracy these are the kind of tactics that he will employ along with his unpaid Brown Shirts.


        “Under an Obama Thugocracy these are the kind of tactics that he will employ along with his unpaid Brown Shirts.” That was Gus in 2008

      • Pakimon says:

        like the one where gus finally found the straw man?

        Now if he could only find a job…

  34. Medchemmer says:

    What’s the breaking point for Chunk? Does he keep it running when there are only 20 active commenters that make 80% of the comments. I know he has to be getting close to that number.

    • MrPaulRevere says:

      He’ll find a way to get on the dole. It’s the new American way.

    • Pakimon says:

      I think the tipping point for The Chunkster will be when/if Obama loses in November and the Republicans take control of the Senate as well as the House.

      He won’t shut down The Swamp with great fanfare but instead will let what’s left of it wither and rot on the vine while he remakes himself into some kind of inane, idiotic “Twitter Warrior”.

  35. MrPaulRevere says:

    Diogenes :
    I may need an Intervention of some sort.
    Just read through Gus’ recent tweets, and I’m agreeing with some of them.

    I just looked at and your right, he’s making some sense. But bear in mind men like Gus are fickle, one month they are bashing moonbats and the next they bash wingnuts. They really don’t know what to believe.

  36. MrPaulRevere says:

    Excellent catch ISTE @69.

  37. MrPaulRevere says:

    Holy smokes, CJ just second guessed General Patton:
    @LizardoidCharles Johnson

    No, Rick Perry, Gen. Patton did not urinate on corpses. He may have urinated into the Rhine River, but even that is questionable.

  38. MrPaulRevere says:

    The urination issue sure seems to captured CJ’s attention. Like a laser beam.

  39. MrPaulRevere says:

    “I drove to the Rhine River and went across on the pontoon bridge. I stopped in the middle to take a piss and then picked up some dirt on the far side in emulation of William the Conqueror.” General George S. Patton, March 1945 : http://www.scrapbookpages.com/EasternGermany/Buchenwald/GeneralPatton.html

  40. MrPaulRevere says:

    Apparently CJ thinks Patton was a war criminal for pissing in the Rhine. You can’t make this shit up.

    • Bunk X says:

      “Patton did not urinate on corpses. He may have urinated into the Rhine River, but even that is questionable.” – Charles Johnson 15 January 2012

      “It could have been Charles Johnson pissing in the Rhine. The photo could have been taken in a men’s room without his knowledge.” – Bunk X 16 January 2012

  41. garycooper says:

    MrPaulRevere :Apparently CJ thinks Patton was a war criminal for pissing in the Rhine. You can’t make this shit up.

    I think Chunky is a war criminal for pissing in Mountain Dew bottles, and then mixing up the piss-bottles with the still-Dew bottles and drinking his own warm product. This happens about twice a day, according to our sources in the bunker. These sources are watching him 24/7, pretty much. http://tinyurl.com/7wrkoyl

  42. garycooper says:

    No Lewd-Wig sightings, sadly, but the Un-Mata Hari was spotted commuting to work the other day. Note, she no longer works for Chunky, as he paid poorly and sporadically, and couldn’t keep his filthy hands off of her.


    • Bunk X says:

      Last LVQ sighting reported was 7 December according to BRC.

      • Iron Fist says:

        Pearl Harbor Day, though I doubt Lewd Pig was aware of that. Maybe Ms.Ssssss ran away, and Lewd Pig is sad…

      • garycooper says:

        Iron Fist :Pearl Harbor Day, though I doubt Lewd Pig was aware of that. Maybe Ms.Ssssss ran away, and Lewd Pig is sad…

        There was an incident around then, where a bunch of inflatable love dolls managed to have themselves filled with helium, and then they floated heavenward together just like it was the Rapture for their kind. Perhaps Miss Ssss was among them?

      • P. Ness Lowell says:

        And she had a strap-on that eventually became space junk.

      • garycooper says:

        …and then Lewd-Freak committed himself to becoming a strapping young astronaut, so he could go and rescue her from the cruel Carbonites of the Upper Thermosphere.

      • P. Ness Lowell says:

        …so they can be married by Algore in the First Church/Synagogue of Thermotarianism, Unreformed.

      • garycooper says:

        In space, nobody can hear you scream.


  43. MrPaulRevere says:

    Charles Johnson implied Gen. Patton was a war criminal for peeing in the Rhine. If this is not prima facia evidence that he is mentally ill I don’t know what evidence anyone requires

  44. Pakimon says:

    Coming soon to a dinner theater near you.

    The off-off-off Broadway production of “Death of a Failed Blog”.

    Starring Chuck Johnson as Willy “Chunky” Loman.

    • John Difool says:

      Not to be confused with KKKalegore’s off-off-off-way the fuck-off Broadway play coming out later on this year………….” Death of a Kalesman “

  45. garycooper says:

    Pakimon :Coming soon to a dinner theater near you.
    The off-off-off Broadway production of “Death of a Failed Blog”.
    Starring Chuck Johnson as Willy “Chunky” Loman.

    Subtitle for posters: “Subscription Must Be Paid”

    • garycooper says:

      “I don’t say he’s a great man. Willie Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He’s not the finest character that ever lived. But he’s a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So, attention must be paid. He’s not to be allowed to fall in his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person.”
      – Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman, Act 1

  46. How about a “pay per view blog”.

    For a plane jane 20 word Luddwig rant on AGW. we pay .50 cents.

    For one where he sucks in say Wind Up Bird and Asswhistle to counter post him and call him ugly names. we pay .51 cents.

    On up to getting a chance to ban CJ from Luddwigs blog ,, $10.00 and then $20.00 for each sock CJ trys to post with later.

    We chip in and let lgf’s baned posters bid to be the one to ban Chuckey or his current crew from time to time .

  47. garycooper says:

    This is real? I thought someone was making a bad joke, at first. 😆

    Christ on a crutch.

    • rightymouse says:

      Newsweek is still around? Am surprised anyone reads that rag.

    • rightymouse says:

      Sullivan lost his marbles years ago & his crazed obsession with Trig Palin showed how insane he’s become.

      • garycooper says:

        I was once browbeaten by a UM professor into reading Newsweek every week, so we (the class) could discuss the “major historical stories of the day.” I was a young libturd then, who was amused and appalled by the very few voices of dissent in the room, who tried to argue for a more conservative pov.

        Sometimes I wish I could reach back in time and slap myself.

      • garycooper says:

        The evidence that Trig came out of Sarah’s body is overwhelming, and confirmed by oodles of investigative forays by hostile reporters who would have given their own reproductive organs to grab credit for such a scoop. If Andy hasn’t apologized for his insane ramblings on the matter, he is to be given the cover of Newsweek immediately with a ridonkulous article about how Obama’s critics are dumb. 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        Sully wants to believe that Trig was NOT Sarah’s child for some perverse reason & he’s so mental about it that I’m not sure I want to know why he thinks the way he does.

      • Iron Fist says:

        {rightymouse} 😛

        Sully’s a nutter, that is for sure. He’s Chuckles the Clown’s great Role Model. I think Chuckles wants to do be Sully when he grows up…

      • P. Ness Lowell says:

        Little late for that.

      • rightymouse says:

        {IronFist} 🙂
        One thing they have in common: stupidity.
        Could be drug-induced. Didn’t Sully get caught with pot? Betcha Charles inhales.

    • P. Ness Lowell says:

      Nope, that’s what Chuck could be doing right now if he’d have played his cards right. Instead, Randy Andy got the gig, and Chuck is left with the pig.

    • John Difool says:

      I notice on the side panel there is a curious allusion to some sort of surprising past that Mrs. Santorum has. “A friend of a friend who knew this guy who knew this other guy who once met this other guy at a bar said he once heard somebody else say that she was once a………



      Anybody wanna lay down some bets?

    • Medchemmer says:

      I am wondering when they will call Obama critics, “poopy pants”. That would be at about the same level of maturity that the Newsweek headline has now.

  48. garycooper says:

    Andrew Sullivan, aka, “Power-Glutes,” aka, “Milky Loads.”

    Remember when he was posing as a pro-war conservative? 😆 🙄

    • John Difool says:

      If you ask him, he’s the only real classical conservative left on the planet. The rest of us have wandered way off the reservation.

      I’ve yet to meet any “real conservative” who’s into “bare-backing”, posting lewd profiles and trolling on gay sex sites and who spend a great deal of their time obsessing over a certain woman’s reproductive organs.

  49. garycooper says:


    Even that solid bastion of socialist cant, Salon, aggressively annihilated the Trig-birtherism nonsense. But Andy begged to differ, with reality. Give him the cover! Give him a Nobel and a Pulitzer, while we’re at it. Attention must be paid to such a person…

  50. garycooper says:


    OMG! She dated the pro-choice doc who delivered her, and he was 40 years her senior! This proves once and for all that Republican candidates who oppose abortion are lying hypocrites or something!

    • snowcrash says:

      Thge age thing is gross, so that is interesting.The rest of the story is ho hum. I like my wild guesses #116-118 better.

      • garycooper says:

        Me, too…I was rooting for “3-card monte dealer.” Oh, well.

        The age-thing is very gross.

  51. garycooper says:

    Very impressive game from the Giants yesterday, worthy of a tribute video. Way to go, guys!

  52. garycooper says:


    I know there are a couple of people here who don’t care for Debbie, but she doesn’t pull any punches in this commentary. 😆

  53. Bunk X says:

    Heh. KT is the new whipping boy.

    45 Killgore Trout Mon, Jan 16, 2012 10:34:13am
    re: #40 Alexzander

    Or as Killgore Trout might put it; MLK was an anti-American OWS shill.

    Do you think MLK would have anything to do with OWS? Stabbing cops, rapes, heroin use, constant parties and drum circles? Shitting in the street? OWS organizers like Anon stealing credit card numbers?
    The left has retained a lot of the language and symbolism of MLK but they’ve lost the plot.

    71 Killgore Trout Mon, Jan 16, 2012 10:53:56am
    re: #68 RadicalModerate

    Do you realize that you’re making the same argument against OWS as the John Birch Society and the Council of Conservative Citizens/White Citizens Councils were making against Dr. King’s movement in the 1960s?

    Fuck you.

    • rightymouse says:

      Oh, dear. Trouble in utopia.

    • snowcrash says:

      Is Charles charging to Kilgores defense? Lol, I thought not .Since Killgore smeared the Tea Partiers as Birchers and racist, it is quite funny to see the same words used to smear Killgore. Just when you think that dump, LGF, has nothing left to offer, we get this entertainment. Nice going LGF. Keep fighting you guys!

    • P. Ness Lowell says:

      ROFL. The JBS accused MLK of crapping on cop cars? I missed that one.

      Let alone the fact that everything that KT mentioned actually happened, and was documented in the media.


      • rightymouse says:

        It was a silly & defensive strawman argument & it would have been refreshing if KT had hammered the ignorant putz with facts instead of resorting to profanity.

      • Bunk X says:

        KT said he had a screed ready, but screwed up the post, decided against it.

  54. Bunk X says:

    189 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Mon, Jan 16, 2012 12:16:36pm
    re: #187 Obdicut

    Yep, which is what I’m getting at: anonymously, on the internet, people are a lot more willing to say they’re racists than in actual, known conversation.

    Ever talked to an actual, known one as a Black person? They’ll tell you all manner of shit, right to your face.

    IOW- “Hey Obdicut. Have you ever been black?”

  55. Pakimon says:

    Ever talked to an actual, known one as a Black person?

    Hey OhCrapICrappedMyPants. Have you?

  56. Girault de Bornelh says:

    this post is one of your better efforts at giving an impression of yourselves as being pathologically in need of a life

  57. P. Ness Lowell says:

    OMG. Annoying Orange meets Charlie.

  58. rightymouse says:

    Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton…..

  59. rightymouse says:

    Do you know that Eric Clapton & ‘Cream’ were HUGE in Bangkok while I was growing up there in the late 60’s?