Charles Johnson has been using the term “The Big Lie” for years.

It’s true, and here’s a prime example.

Here’s the embedded vid.

The update link to “Biden’s 14 Lies” directs to AoS.

Charles Johnson’s Obituary for President George H.W. Bush: “He was a very decent but racist man.”

Charles, you’re full of crap.

William Horton was a 23-year-old hoodlum in 1974 when he and two friends held up a gas station in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Despite the fact that the 17-year-old attendant, Joseph Fournier, handed over $276.37 – all the money from the cash register – the three stabbed him repeatedly and then stuffed him in a garbage can, leaving him there with his feet by his chin, to die from blood loss.

Horton was captured, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole. But in June 1986, he was released from prison as part of Massachusetts’ weekend furlough program, which in 1973 the state supreme court had ruled must be extended to first-degree murderers.

Horton didn’t return from his furlough. Ten months later, he broke into the home of Clifford Barnes and Angela Miller in Oxon Hill, Maryland, and terrorized the couple for 12 hours. He pistol-whipped and stabbed Barnes, then tied him to a pole in the basement. When Miller got home from work, Horton raped her repeatedly at gunpoint, before finally fleeing in the couple’s car.

After he was captured (again!) and sentenced to two consecutive life terms, the sentencing judge refused to return him to Massachusetts. “I’m not prepared to take the chance that Mr. Horton might again be furloughed or otherwise released,” he said. “This man should never draw a breath of free air again.”

When Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis ran for president in 1988, the Horton affair was stapled to his campaign – first by Al Gore in the Democratic primary, who challenged the furlough program in a primary debate. It was raised later, to devastating effect, in an ad for Bush produced by a political action committee that featured Horton’s glowering face, and by Bush himself on the campaign trail.

There is nothing false stated in the ad from 1988. Nothing racist, either. Willie Horton was an animal, a murderous robber, kidnapper, torturer and rapist who never should have been let out of prison in the first place.

Charles, your blatant ignorance and fabrication of easily-verifiable history is an embarrassment to the left wing media. #RUMPSWAB

Charles Johnson Promotes Shinola Again: Planned Parenthood closing had nothing to do with HIV outbreak in rural Indiana in 2015.

We’re gonna tear this one apart, Charles. You ready?

Let that sink in for a minute. According to Charles Johnson, defunding Planned Parenthood caused an outbreak in HIV infection in rural Indiana.

That photo was taken by Paul Sableman at 30 South 3rd Street in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana in 2011. Not exactly rural, but geography isn’t Johnson’s strong suit. This particular clinic operated with limited hours for several years, until Planned Parenthood decided to close that location. So what.

Here’s the problem.

The closing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Terre Haute had nothing to do with an outbreak of HIV in Austin, Indiana, 130 miles and 2-1/2 hours drive time away. Austin is a small rural town of about 4,300 people and it has a drug problem. It’s closer to Louisville Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio than it is to Terra Haute Indiana.

Apparently Planned Parenthood closed the clinic on South 3rd Street on or about July 2016 (prior to the presidential election) yet they still have local clinics elsewhere. A search of zipcode 47807 on their own website turns up 10 clinics in or near Terre Haute. A search of clinics in zipcode 47102 results in another 10 clinics in or near Austin, Indiana.

So the premise is false, and Charles Johnson is promoting an easily disputable lie.

The HIV outbreak happened in March 2015, affected about 190 people, and was due to needle sharing. The idiots were injecting a liquid version of Opana ER (oxymorphone) an opiate painkiller. In other words, an astounding 4% of the residents of Austin fucked themselves up by sharing HIV-infected needles. That’s not Planned Parenthood’s fault, the fault of the Religious Right or that of conservative politicians. It’s the fault of brain-dead white trash morons who did it to themselves.

BTW, Dillo Bush is the Mayor of Austin, Indiana, and he’s a Democrat, not that it matters…

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Charles, you used to pride yourself with fact-checking before posting stupidity. What happened?

[Update: Appended post title; deleted the word “disengenuous” from the “related posts” description; promoted the link to the Indy Star article; added link to LGF page. –Briareus]

Leftist Lies & Charles Johnson Makes Up Sh*t Again

1.  Charles Johnson posts what he thinks is a scoop on Sarah Palin, and even his own Loyal Lizard Lappers call him on it, but for the wrong reasons:

CJ Palin Blowsit

2. Johnson self-references to “John_Birch_Society_to_Cosponsor_CPAC_2010” [cached link], where he posted a pic lifted from a NYT slam piece from 2008:

Sarah Palin 1995

3. Then Johnson claims, without evidence, that Sarah Palin has a John Birch Society newsletter on her desk. How Charles knows what a JBS Newsletter looks like is up to you to decide. Here’s a blow up of that image, cropped and inverted with enhanced contrast:

Sarah Palin 1995 invert crop

Now look at this and note the date:


Palin was reviewing a newsletter about  “Con-Con Call” that argues for a Constitutional Convention OPPOSED by the John Birch Society. Is it any surprise that in 1995 a Wasilla Councilwoman might have had such a newsletter on her calendar blotter, just to read it?

In JazzyJohnsonWorld, the answer is yes.

[More unintended relevance here.]

The Dissection of an Ad Hominem Attack on Charles Johnson

Ad Hom 1
That pointless LGF Page provided little more than a link to an op-ed piece by Glenn Greenwald in what Charles regularly referred to as “Al-Guardian.” The discussion that followed amused me.

Ad Hom 2
Let’s stop there for a minute. Ignoring the fact that Charles doesn’t understand the meaning of irony or how to use it in a sentence, he took a story about Chomsky tactics and, because Greenwald penned it, decided it’s all about himself. Charles’ definition of an Ad Hominem attack is also curious. When asked for proof, Charles provided an “example” and linked to an LGF post dated 7 July 2006 entitled “Feds Say Terror Plot Targeted Train Tunnels” in which he claimed that Greenwald had smeared him. Guess what Greenwald’s 2006 article said about Charles Johnson? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Read the rest of this entry »

Corpulent blogger completely misreads Mark Steyn

“People like Mark Steyn are just dishonest, bigoted opportunists” – look in the mirror  (if you dare) Chunky and see a real dishonest, bigoted, opportunist.

Once upon a time Mark Steyn used to be a treasured columnist on LGF and his columns were regularly posted there.

The Charles Johnson of 2006 would not recognize the 2012 version.

[Updated with image by request – Ed.]

The Sage of Culver City spews another lie

It is fair to point out that the sage of Culver city is a liar. he has lied about his role and goals in Rathegate. Now is lying claiming that Fox News has hired Donald Trump.

Here is the truth, Charles go this story from the Hufington Post. Well here’s the headline from that article.

Here’s what the article Charles linked to actually says.

As Mediaite’s Frances Martel notes, while Trump is merely making a weekly guest appearance and is not becoming a Fox News contributor, “it is surprising to see a potential presidential candidate assume a media role so close to the election.

Trump is not being hired by Fox, but will just have a weekly segment. That’s a huge difference than him being hired. Once again, Charles lies in his headline and the story he links to contradicts it! Another day and another lie by the Sage of Culver City.

Chuck agrees with every word

Chuck who is warming of some massive Ron Paul led plot involving White Supremacists, Nazis, the Catholic Church, Glenn Beck, Pam Geller, the EDL, the Vlaams Belang, Rightwing Israelis, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Extraterrestrials, Marco Rubio, Tobacco companies, Michelle Bachmann, and Christian Reconstructionists/Dominionists. The latter group he has attacked very harshly and has warned of their nefarious plot to impose a theocratic state in America.

Well the following post is very interesting. Ed Brayton wrote a post, where he discusses the threat of Sharia and radical Islam. His point was to not use the threat of radical Islam to disparage every Muslim. The point of this post is not to argue what Brayton wrote. It is to show that once again Charles has been caught in a lie.

Chuck has said he agrees with every word. Well I ask the readers, do you really think the Jazz Man agrees with this statement below?

So does Charles “Icarus” Johnson agrees that Christian Reconstructionists are not as big a threat as Islamic Imperialists? We know the answer to that is no. In fact his posts discuss the Christian threat and claims the Islamic one is contained.

Chuck has been caught in yet another lie


After being called out for his statement that he agrees with Ed Brayton’s every word, he retracts!

Chuck can’t admit the obvious, he hates Christians.

(Hat Tip: Whatever)

Another Chuck Deception

I might have to start a post called the daily Chuck lie. Charles “Icarus” Johnson has another post today, that when you actually read the links,  contradict what he is saying.

What Chuck doesn’t tell his readers that it’s that the government is funding a NASCAR team for the sake of doing it. It’s the US military sponsoring a NASCAR team to carry a recruiting logo.

From Chuck’s own link:

The Army, the Air Force and the National Guard NASCAR racing teams will ride again this year, after the House voted 241-148 to ditch a measure to ban the Pentagon from sponsoring stock car teams.

What Charles doesn’t comprehend is that The Military is an obligation the government must pay for. How ill this nation be defended without a military. We have  a volunteer force, so the armed services must recruit. Using NASCAR to recruit is a cost-effective way to do it. Funding Planned Parenthood is not an obligation the US government has. In fact they perform procedures that many Americans abhor.

I have stated many times that abortion is an issue I really could care less about. That said, I don’t support the government funding or supporting an organization that promotes this procedure. If PLanned Parenthood is providing a greats service, let them raise funds privately, not with my money.

Clearly Charles knows full well the US Government must maintain a military. He clearly decided to lie about this issue here because wants our tax dollars to go to Planned Parenthood. Why doesn’t he and his cult members raise the funds for this organization? The reason is he’s a leech and wants us to fork the bill for abortion and organizations that promote it. But advertising for the military he’s against.

Here’s an example of the type of thinking on the part of Chuck’s minions

What this idiot Kragar doesn’t know is that Blacks have had a disproportionate amount of abortions compared to Whites.  Planned Parenthood has been at the forefront of this, so this actually helps Blacks. Also those NASCAR cars have ads for joining the US military. Clearly this is what Chuck caters too.

People like Kragar are the reason why Charles lies, his audience is so brainwashed that he can tell them the sky is yellow and they would believe it. Another day, another vile lie by Chuck. He sinks lower and lower by the day.

Chuck now lies about Michele Bachmann

Chuck clearly enjoys living in a bubble. He will do a post and outright lie on his subject of attack. Even if that person’s quote directly contradict his post, his minions will not question what he is telling them. His latest lie is about Michele Bachmann. She said she “takes Obama at his word” about being born in Hawaii and being Christians. Chuck twists what she said and claims she’s pandering to Birthers.

What part of  Michele Bachmann’s statement of “I take the President at his word” doesn’t this Jazz guitarist get? clearly she is stating that she believes he was born here and is Christian. Personally I do believe he was born in Hawaii but that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis and that he’s an atheist or agnostic. However that’s irrelevant here. If someone Charles doesn’t like say the sky is blue, he will lie and claim they said it was red.  He does this since he lives in a bubble and is not challenged except by us here at Daedalus.

He is a lying smear merchant pure and simple.  Charles is now the Dan Rather of the internet with his fake but accurate mentality. You have become what you once hated Charles ‘Icarus” Johnson.