15 years ago on Little Green Footballs : Hamas

Very coincidental topic given the recent attacks by Hamas.

The first link in the post goes to the Middle East Forum:
CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment
The second is a link to a long-gone U.S. News Wire story. Images courtesy of BRC Engineer Nil Stooge (RIP).

[Updated with direct link to Middle East Forum article. A Wayback Machine search  produces no archive of “CAIR: U.S. Muslims Say ‘Siege’…” and usnewswire.com is defunct. – Briareus]

Rescued from Memory Hole: “CAIR’s Window to Journalists”

For today’s featured memory hole specimen, The Boiler Room presents another missing LGF thread from 2005:


As far as we can tell, there were no comments in this one.  So, it is possible that this thread wasn’t live for more than a few minutes (if at all, although there is a timestamp).  Either way this strawberry was in with the rest of the ones from the great heist, so it deserves to be proudly displayed:

Exit question:  Does CJ still consider CAIR an “Islamist front group”?

Oh, and I almost forgot:

Rescued from Memory Hole: “Daniel Pipes: CAIR Loses to Anti-CAIR”

Here’s another one dug up by the engineers of The Boiler Room.  It doesn’t appear to be a thread vanishing event, and The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ couldn’t find any hint as to why this thread disappeared.  Here’s the url:


And the screencap:

Here are the links:

And here is your strawberry: