Charles Johnson has been using the term “The Big Lie” for years.

It’s true, and here’s a prime example.

Here’s the embedded vid.

The update link to “Biden’s 14 Lies” directs to AoS.

One More Lick For The Dukey Stick

I am not a racist

A nervous young white boy somehow made the cut to play funk rhythm guitar in George Duke’s band in the late 70s. Were there racial overtones in the session? Yes. Were the band members racist? Doubt it. The impromptu lineup includes:

George Duke – keyboards, vocals
Leon ‘Ndugu’ Chancler – drums
Sheila E – drums/percussion
Charles ‘Icarus’ Johnson – guitar
Vocalists – unconfirmed

[Partial transcript]

George Duke narrating: “I would not have attempted this song without the soul members of the band.”

GD to recording engineer: “Okay. Gary, you ready?”

LC: “Okay, it’s Howdy Doody Time, baby!”

[LC’s Drum intro]

GD to CJ: “C’mon, Barry!”

[Song stopped abruptly by LC]

GD: “Wait a minute, I think we oughta change the guitar lick – a little bit. Whaddya think. [laughter] Heheh, Yeah? Naw it ain’t nothin’, ain’t nothin’. Who you playin’? Wait a minute, Barry, who you playin’?”

CJ: “I’m playin’ like a…”
[Charles plays new lick]

LC: “Goin’ surfin’ baby! Here we go!”

GD: “What about another lick. Try out something else. You wanna try it with me? Try it before we get back in the band. Okay, one, two, three, four…”

I found the video clip amusing (Funk 101 lesson happens in the first couple of minutes).

[Update: Original link was deleted, so Jump to 00:02:50]

h/t saynotochuck

At 05:00 Charles eyeballs the camera, then photobombs a group shot:

George Duke Band CJ Photobomb

Charles, were it not for you claiming to be a close friend of the late George Duke, it’s doubful that we’d have bothered much about it, but since you did, you owe your fans some stories. Did they let you ride in the same bus? Did you get to drive it? Did you hit on Sheila E? Is that why you got the boot? Or were there too many little green speedballs involved?

Inquiring minds don’t give a crap either way, so you might as well fess up.

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RIP George Duke

Update – Charles Johnson WAS Given Partial Credit

Because Charles Doesn’t Read Here

“These are extremely sick people.”

RIP George Duke

RIP George Duke, 1946-2013
He was a great musician and producer with a long history of success in the music industry. He was a jazz/funk/soul classic, and his collaborative efforts were amazing.

With Duke’s passing, Charles Johnson gave recognition, and properly so. Duke hired him on as a sideman, and Charles was in the spotlight as a guitar player for a while in the late 70s. Yet even with Duke’s passing, Charles made it about himself with a “He was my best friend” tweet.
George Duke 1
Nice enough, but let’s be honest. Since 2001, Charles has only mentioned George Duke in passing, and only when a lizard asked him about his musical career. One could argue that Charles is humble and shy about his musical accomplishments, but anyone who’s followed Charles over the years knows that that’s not possible. He brags about everyone and everything – including things he had nothing to do with – except for his once promising career as a jazz fusion session guitarist. On that he’s relatively silent.

Prior to George Duke’s passing, Charles mentioned him fewer than a dozen times on Little Green Footballs since 2001. (In comparison, he’s mentioned David Duke almost 100. Go figger.) Okay, we’re drifting from the point a bit.

Jumping into the BRC’s Deep Freeze Chamber, we found a few strawberries regarding George Duke, and here are the pertinent ones, (recreated verbatim via
The Nil Stooge Replic-O-Graph):

Duke 9
Duke 25
Let’s pause for a moment. It was Charles’ first time in a recording studio, and the track was “epic” because he played on it. Okay, let’s continue.
Duke 129
Pause again. Charles says it was Duke’s best lineup because Charles was in it. Next.
Duke 154

Charles Johnson has NO gold or platinum records to his name. True, he played during recording sessions for others’ records that went gold and platinum, but as for his claim to co-authorship of one of George Duke’s biggest hits? Woof. He hadn’t even been invited to a garden party when that went down. (If you haven’t yet listened to Duke’s cool funk jam at the top of this post, listen to it now.)

Reach For It” became the hit from this record. It broke out of Washington DC and Detroit before the rest of the nation. We were on tour when the record hit, and were amazed at seeing the record moving to the top of the R&B chart.

The tune came about as a result of a gig at The Cellar Door in Washington DC. Ndugu had played a drum solo, and started playing this beat. I began to play this bass line and motioned for Byron Miller to play a solo. The audience went completely nuts. I knew that we had something!

Back in Los Angeles when we were in the studio recording (I waited until after dinner and wine), I asked the band if they remembered that groove we had come up with at the club in DC. They said they did, so we recorded it. —George Duke

Nowhere in Duke’s own description or in any discography is the name Charles “Icarus” Johnson mentioned as “co-writer” of “Reach For It.” No surprise, eh?

As an aside, while we were compiling research for The Ruse And Fail Series, we contacted as many people as we could think of and asked for anecdotes about Charles Johnson, with no leading questions or innuendo. Many responded with benign stories and gave similar descriptions: he was odd, quietly nervous, uncomfortable. (Only one called him “fuckface.”) Yet no one in the music industry, including Al Jarreau, Stanley Jordan, Billy Cobham and George Duke, even acknowledged Charles Johnson’s existence. Just as Johnson is mostly silent about his musical past, so is everyone else who hired him.

[By 1979] Charles Johnson had left the band (after I gave him money to help buy a Volkswagen I might add) and I began using Roland Bautista on guitar, who eventually took Al McKay’s place with Earth, Wind & Fire. —George Duke

We need not speculate further, but who cares. The guy is a narcissistic ego-dick who can play guitar and annoy the hell out of everyone who tries to help at the same time. That’s just a guess on my part.


Bonus Track:

Irish Rose’ classic suckup (Comment #149 above) was a bizarre interpolation of Charles’ Comment #147, presented here in its original form.

Duke Carlos Dangler

Heh. Carlos Dangler. Heheheheh.


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Update – Charles Johnson WAS Given Partial Credit

Because Charles Doesn’t Read Here

“These are extremely sick people.”

From the Charles Johnson School of Misrepresentation – Part Infinity

During recent TweetWars with Patterico and others, Charles Johnson repeatedly attempted to discourage free discussion with anyone he’s identified as affiliated with Diary of Daedalus.  Since “Serbian Genocide Deniers” is a ridiculous insult at face value, Johnson decided that it’s better to discredit us with an LGF Page posted by “goddamnedfrank.” [cached link]

Johnson supports goddamnedfrank’s false claim, that a video posted on this website promotes neo-nazis and anti-semitsm. GF is not only wrong, but by cherry picking images from the video, he lied and knowingly misrepresented the entire meaning of the video – a tribute to Chilean General Augusto Pinochet for fighting communist insurgents, restoring the Chilean economy, and averting the mass murder of civilians.


The LGF lie is obvious to anyone who’s taken the time to watch it. Here are the exact words that show up on the video WARRAHA – Hammer Of The Right

LiberTV presents…
Hammer of the Right
[The following are captions from the video in the order that they appear. My bold.]
Dedicated to General Augusto Pinochet
[Images of Pinoche, one captioned “GUERRERO CONTRA MARXISMO” – Warrior against Marxism.]
Salutowatem Pinochetowi!
Communism is the worst evil
Allende regime in Chile was about to exterminate
most people by destruction of private property and free economy
many Chileans were dying of hunger… many were executed
by so-called friends of people – communist guerillas from Cuba
but the General was ordered to bring order!
[Images of Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Che Guevara]
all COMMUNIST subhumans
[Image of Che Guevara]
Hasta La Vista Baby!
The bastard Allende destroyed Chilean economy
So the General hired Chicago economists to revive it!
[Image of Milton Friedman]
Private property was reinstated, market and prices returned
And soon food shortages disappeared, as well as any other
Free market reforms made Chile the strongest economy in S. America
no longer a nation of slaves nor serfs – but of private businessment!
But the General was all TOO MERCIFUL…
He let the enemies of Chile leave the country FREE…
Abroad, they started spreading false propaganda about the coup and the General
No freedom for the ENEMIES OF FREEDOM!
Capitalism = Freedom!
[Images include protest marches with signs including one with the Statue of Liberty, “More Freedom Less Government”, and a brief cover shot of The Turner Diaries.]
[Image of Pinochet]
Gen. Augusto Jose Ramon Pinochet Ugarte
haiL & kiLL

The entire premise of goddamnedfrank‘s twisted smear was the brief image of the cover of The Turner Diaries. Yep it’s there. The book is about overthrowing tyranny, and apparently contains some anti-semitic themes. I haven’t read it, don’t intend to, but it’s immaterial to this discussion because the video didn’t promote it.

The intent of this post is not to dissect Chilean history. It is to point out the blatant misrepresentations and lies posted on Little Green Footballs and Charles Johnson’s abhorrent attempts to smear those who disagree with him as racists and neo-nazis.

“Anyway it’s interesting that so often it’s the people that relentlessly dry hump a cause like supporting Israel as if they’re covering up their true feelings who end up linking to totally crazy crap like this.”  —goddamnedfrank

Tell us, Charles. Who’s the POS supporting and promoting anti-semitsm?

The 1st Anniversary of the BRC: One Year Of Teh Awesome

Almost, but not quite overlooked, The Boiler Room Crew is celebrating its first birthday, thanks to Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.

Charles Johnson ran a tight ship on LGF with a penchant for banning commenters who in his opinion didn’t fit in. Eventually he began editing and deleting comments, and vaporizing entire threads containing millions of comments that didn’t synch with The New Lizard Order.

A lot of people noticed and some of them began archiving.

One of those archivers figured out how to download massive amounts of LGF material, and did it without hacking. Eventually Charles noticed, and began blocking his archives (especially the comments sections) from public view, but it was too late. Meanwhile, Engineer No.1 contacted Engineer No.2.

Engineer No.2 noticed that Engineer No.3 was working on similar stuff, and was duplicating some of the work already completed by Engineer No.1. Engineer No.2 introduced them, and The Boiler Room Crew was born. The BRC searched for and found others who were working independently and from different angles. Engineers No.4, 5 & 6  joined the force,
and it all began in August of 2010.

The first mention of The Boiler Room Crew was here on 28 November 2010, although by then they’d already been in operation for several months, working under the wire and behind the scenes.

Happy Birthday to The Boiler Room Crew, a big happy family in a stinky sweaty room accessed via a trap door behind the Rec Room Couch with the cat stuff.

Video: The Boiler Room Intro

For an assortment of practical and impractical reasons, I decided to buy myself a new laptop.  In the process of transferring data over from the old one, I realized that I have built up an interesting folder of files from our battles.  Then I noticed that this PC came with a slick and quick video editing program (it was bundled with some of Sony’s software, as usual with these VAIOs).  All you have to do is pick some files, pick a theme, and if you want/need to, pick a soundtrack.  So, I figured what the heck….

Crank it up!

Short, sweet, and I tried to get a little of our greatest hits in there. 

BTW-  If anyone has mad skilz and wants to make a better video, consider this a submission thread.

Ludwig’s Proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming Goes “Poot.”

Self-anointed “Scientist,” resident boor and and sexual fantasy perv  LudwigVanQuixote decided that an LGF post attacking Pam Geller was the perfect opportunity to conclude the entire debate about man-made global warming.  (Click on the image below to see the video he linked to.)

Yep. Somebody is seriously stupid, Ludwank, so let’s play your game and go back to the classroom, shall we?  Here’s a simple visual demonstration of the relativity of  the term “parts per million.”

Going back to Lud’s “proof,” here’s another version of the same “experiment” that he touted, as shown on BBC.

First of all, no one is denying that the climate changes, and no one is denying that humans affect climate change. All flora and fauna affect climate change, without a doubt, but they do so on such a microscopic scale as compared to the big players, like the Sun. Locally, the oceans produce the largest amount of greenhouse gases in the form of water vapor by a margin that’s thousands of times greater than that of CO2.


The “experiment” was so flawed that even the NOAA took it down. Who woulda thunk? Yet self-proclaimed scientist Ludwank uses it as “proof” of AGW. Pheeew.

This is what passes for science these days at Little Green Hasbeens. Bite me.

Roadkill is funny according to The Swamp

Okay, it’s a dumb amateur video (click on it to see it on YouTube). Why it amuses CJ so much to post it puzzles this longtime lizard turncoat, but looky here:

Sophomoric at best, but not exceptionally clever or funny, as it has nothing to do with the *ahem* story of the 38 seconds of graphic masturbation.  On the other hand some lizards get their jollies, including the One Who’s Likely to Ban Me soon (OWL BMs):

Buncha sickos over at the fatman’s trough.