The Real Story Behind the Deleted Flight 93 Memorial Threads

In light of some unsatisfied curiosities that emerged during my recent series of memory hole threads, I followed a hunch I had, and found the “official” explanation (note the timestamp):

Well, we’ve established that there were actually at least six, but 3,4…6…who’s counting?  Oh yea, full disclosure.  (the “discussion” CJ is referring to was the one about being caught scrubbing “Islamic Supremacist” )

But this is interesting:  Suddenly mentioning that he realized that they were loons years ago, and just noticing they were showing up in the referral logs recently.    This “resurrection”  hypothesis, in other words.  I’m still willing to give CJ the benefit of the doubt at this point, so let’s see if that’s plausible….

Now, it’s certainly likely that there are links to those old posts around on various pages and blogs that are part of this.  CJ didn’t point to anything specifically, but let’s assume that they are out there and get clicked on every once and awhile.    In reality, this online movement (that he helped create) has slowly grown to dozens and dozens of sites that have networked together and that sync posts and send out trackbacks to spread the word and recruit more sites.   So it could be that there are more links out there than there used to be.   But are we to believe that he didn’t notice anything in his referral logs until their 71st blogburst?

We’re missing something here.

Is there any anecdotal evidence out there?   An alternate explanation?  Luckily, we have “Guy” in our comments:

it’s super simple. i discovered that they were deleted pretty much the day post-2008 cult-member, avanti posted a “pages” blog of her findings that “these wingnuts have this insane islamophobic conspiracy theory about the flight 93 memorial.” she appeared to have encountered this on some free petition site. but, obviously, if you do a google search of lgf, all of the posts listed above pop up. charles didn’t want lizards finding that stuff when searching for her post, so down the memory hole it went.

A snip (again the timestamp):


The benefit/doubt  meter swings the other way, I’m afraid.

It went like this, more likely:

I *click* AM *click* NOT *click* AN *click* IDIOT!*click*……… *click*


14 Comments on “The Real Story Behind the Deleted Flight 93 Memorial Threads”

  1. KGB says:

    One of the few real regrets about what he’s covered? Oh my. Someone put a sticky on that quote so that it can be resurrected as more and more of his archives disappear into the memory hole.

    • African Moondog says:

      Well, at least we know that he has no regrets about St Pancake, Arafish, Palestinian car swarm, the Elvis/gambling dogs pictures, Makos Zungia as Austen Powers etc etc!

    • refugee000 says:

      KGB :
      One of the few real regrets about what he’s covered? Oh my. Someone put a sticky on that quote so that it can be resurrected as more and more of his archives disappear into the memory hole.

      No shit

      Weird Meta-Fatwa of the Day

      Charles Johnson
      May 30, 2007 at 8:19 pm PDT

      Memo from Egyptian mufti Ali Gomaa:

      OK, this wacky fatwa stuff is really starting to get out of hand. Would you guys please knock off the adult breastfeeding stuff, and just get back to drinking the prophet’s urine?

      French Shari’a Watch

      Charles Johnson
      Mar 29, 2003 at 3:50 pm PST

      Christopher Caldwell writes about a contributing factor to French anti-Americanism that gets very little play in Western media; their large—and rapidly growing—Arab Muslim minority. Conservative estimates put the Arab population at about 10%, although no one knows for sure because France does not collect ethnic data in its census.

      Karen Hughes Addresses Radical Islamic Front Group

      Charles Johnson
      Sep 5, 2005 at 7:49 am PDT

      George W. Bush adviser Karen Hughes, amazingly, addressed the Islamic Society of North America’s convention in Chicago on Friday, and praised them for condemning terrorism.

      It’s amazing (and very depressing) because the ISNA is a notorious front for radical Islam

      Egyptian Mufti Denies Saying Muslims Are Free to Change Religion

      Charles Johnson
      Jul 25, 2007 at 10:19 am PDT

      Another Islamist being heavily promoted by Newsweek and the Washington Post, Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, was quoted on the WaPo web site as saying that Muslims are free to change their religion. No such thing as a death penalty for apostasy. Kumbaya, my brothers.

      Egyptian Cleric Teaches Kids It’s OK to Lie

      Charles Johnson
      Aug 11, 2007 at 9:28 am PDT

      From a children’s program on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV, Egyptian cleric Mahmoud Al-Masri instructs children on the times when it is appropriate to lie: to a wife, to Jews, and to reconcile two arguing Muslims. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

      Muslim Brotherhood Wolf At the Door

      Charles Johnson
      Oct 9, 2006 at 11:26 am PDT

      The State Department comes in for much criticism around here, but so far they’ve done at least one thing right (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually cave in to the relentless pressure from “progressives” and Islamists): The State Department Was Right to deny Tariq Ramadan a visa.

      Palestinian Car Swarm Watch

      Charles Johnson
      Jun 16, 2006 at 5:48 pm PDT

      Two Islamic Jihad terrorists killed in Israel air strike in Gaza, resulting, of course, in a car swarm.

      • refugee000 says:

        well, well, the comments on some are quite interesting

        160 Jimmah Thu, May 31, 2007 5:53:52pm replyquote

        * 0
        * down
        * up
        * report

        It seems you use could quite literally use the prophet’s shit for toothpaste.

  2. Overlook says:

    It’s only a matter of time before the Wally repudiates the Rather memo. He will do it by acknowledging that in the fight against the right, truthiness is as good as fact, that to be motivated by anti-racism gives one carte blanche to forgery and fakery. No more Pallywood posts.

  3. Overlook says:

    Why should purging be necessary, if he has publicly renounced and expressed regret for his former political opinions? He is making his site worthless as an historical record, so why continue it? And what is the attraction for commenters?

    • Robert says:

      The commenters are the only fascinating thing left about the Little Green Footballs blog, as a case study of an internet cult. Charles Johnson runs a really sick website filled with very pathetic commenters.

  4. Robert says:

    If he no longer stands behind a previous post, he can simply update that post with that information, without deleting anything. The attempt to completely scrub it off his site as if it never existed is dishonest, particularly given the fact that he is currently holding up people who have similar views as he had not too long ago as evil people who should be condemned. I guess it’s difficult for Charles Johnson to hype up an attack on someone as a horrible person when that person could link back to Charles Johnson saying similar things himself. And that is the real reason Charles Johnson is scrubbing these posts away. Little Green Footballs reveals itslef again as a despicable and unethical blog, run by a fraud of a man.

  5. Robert says:

    Oh, and I love how Charles Johnson hides this little explanation in a comments thread that almost no one will ever read. That way he can claim he was candid when he scrubbed things, when obviously he was not.

  6. My Little Ponytail says:

    Few real regrets, eh? We’ll remember that.

  7. wolfie says:

    Well done, Minotaur and Guy.

  8. F says:

    Soviet Revisionism strikes lgf. I am only surprised he is admitting he is scrubbing the place, not that he is doing it.

  9. mattm says:

    If he had substantial factual evidence to back up his claims as to why he removed the posts, he would have just as easily done a new post or update the old posts with the new date and time showing that evidence. All he did was delete them with no proof as to why they were wrong in the first place. Not only that but this was doe as a comment in a thread, after the fact, to make it much harder to locate it or note the posts he was referring to.

    He is just a liar and no one should trust him.

  10. Grimcargo says:

    Listen WOLA. You are still crazy as a damm bat. You just point your crazy elsewhere..Tennessee Flag are one crazy mofo.