From the draft archives: In Memoriam: Gus 802

Last edited on 9 October 2011, ChenZhen’s post has never seen the light of day, and it’s still relevant. – Briareus

Of course, the title assumes that Gus really means what he said here:

So, that assumption made, we of the BRC have decided to shower our readers with a few gifts in eulogy, as this particular lizard was the butt of many, many jokes here at DoD and therefore shall be missed.

First, we might as well direct you toward memory lane, and link Gus’s official tag (every thread we mentioned Gus). There’s some good stuff in there.

As for highlights, who can forget this?

Or when Gus decided to chide DoD for posting a thread on Christmas eve and Christmas day, after posting 31 comments and an LGF Page over the same time span?

Or when he managed to post an amazing 903 comments in a single week (therefore inspiring the twitter doppelganger “Gus_903“)?

We could go on and on, of course.

But perhaps it would be more fun to make this a bit more interactive, and use The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ to preserve Gus’s legacy for all time.

A Little Green Memorial Day

“Even in 2003, way before Little Green Footballs was on anyone’s radar, Charles Johnson was paranoid and couldn’t trust his own few commenters to police themselves on a Memorial Day weekend, so he shut off comments on LGF for four days.” – ChenZhen

Here are some more Memorial Day memories from the BRC Archives.

[The following is in reference to (then) Senator Obama’s Memorial Day speech, which was ripped apart by others as a total fabrication. Obama’s great-uncle served in the Navy.]

Charles was once harder than anyone.

Yep. He kicked Google CEO Erich Schmidt’s ass all over the internets because he said so, and still managed to make a national day of remembrance all about Charles Foster Johnson.

A Report From The Boiler Room

Charles Johnson has been toggling recently. He’s been flipping a switch, blocking and unblocking archived comments on an irregular basis.

Why he’s doing it is anyone’s guess, but it seems to The Boiler Room Crew that he’s testing the waters for a full-blown vaporization of millions of pre-2008 comments from his website, not only erasing his own history, but the history of many others.  That he’s poised to evaporate millions of comments is not an exaggeration, either. There’s no question that Mr. Lizard is  expending a lot of time and trouble on this.

It has also been confirmed that he’s blocking entire regions from accessing LGF archives. Why would he do this? I’ll tell you. He’s scared and paranoid for what he and his loyal lizards posted back then when they were credible, when they made a difference, before the purge of the sentients.

Check this out. Here’s a recent roster of the current LGF Saints and Sinners. It’s a long list, so it continues below the break.

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