Charles Johnson has been using the term “The Big Lie” for years.

It’s true, and here’s a prime example.

Here’s the embedded vid.

The update link to “Biden’s 14 Lies” directs to AoS.

Charles Johnson present vs. Charles Johnson past: Dezzez sets it up, Pakimon calls it, Gamma3 for the win.


And if that’s not enough funny, here’s the ONE comment on Charles’ GoFundMe page, proving that Charles can’t stand to look at his lack of donations stats anymore:

The Soros-Obama Connection: Exposed by Charles Johnson

Nice catch, Charles.

Not so long ago, Charles Johnson was a racist according to his own standards.

Admit you said that, Charles, then maybe we’ll talk.

[h/t Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy.]

Did Charles Johnson Have Unauthorized Conversations With Vladimir Putin?

Putin’s a Red,
Obama’s a tool;
Johnson is merely
a Twitterverse fool.

Charles Johnson on Inauguration Day

On 20 January, Inauguration Day, Charles Johnson was a busy guy, cranking out an average of one post per hour on his blobsite Little Green Footballs. (Click on any image below for the full-size globalosity. Bonus points if you can spot the post where Charles Johnson refers to a previous President as The Clenis. )

Johnson also provided brilliant insightful commentary throughout the day, earning well-deserved updings for these gems:


Johnson’s last post of the day was probably the best one because it confirms what we’ve always known: that he’s a two-faced chickenshit back-stabbing plagiarizing opportunist.

It was always about the money.


Charles, You’re a mess.

Oh, brother.

Wow. Breaking news: Obama’s father was a muslim, so Obama’s half-brother is a muslim. Brilliant sleuthing, Charles.

00663839 10636 79 Charles Tue, Apr 13, 2004 11:23:43am
Oh, brother.

00667375 10661 124 Charles Thu, Apr 15, 2004 3:18:02pm
Oh, brother.

00674921 10717 157 Charles Sun, Apr 18, 2004 3:20:20pm
Oh, brother.

00693460 10843 385 Charles Thu, Apr 29, 2004 3:49:31pm
Oh, brother.

00693930 10847 91 Charles Thu, Apr 29, 2004 4:59:10pm
Oh, brother. Read the rest of this entry »

“Hey Rocky! Watch Me Put My Head Up My Ass!”

There’s a website that sells targets to folks who fantasize about fighting a zombie apocalypse (like Dork Falcon and the other cosplay kids at LGF do). They sell mannikins on sticks as targets that bleed when you hit them. Kind of an odd niche, but big deal – it’s fantasy target practice.

Go ahead and take a look. It’s no more offensive than typical Halloween costume advertisements, but it’s an interesting niche indeed. It’s for people who want to pretend they’re shooting at imaginary demons in 3D rather than abandoned washing machines or paper prints of black silhouettes. Here’s the description of one of the targets for sale, named “Rocky”:

“A fighter from Detroit, Rocky got his nickname because of the odd shape of his face after a few matches left him a bit rutted in the head. It was reported that during an evening drunken stroll in the Brightmoor area, Rocky was attacked by a group of infected undead but was able to beat them off.  He did however, suffer multiple bites to his body and is now infected. Be warned, Rocky is HIGHLY dangerous due to his quick wit and strength… he was last seen screaming something like, ‘Zombie Industries believes in America!’ And that we do.”

Odd for sure, but so what? (Here comes the point.)

One of Charlie’s LizardLappers cherry-picked one target out of all of them and decided that it looked like The President Of The United States, claimed it has brown skin, therefore RAAAAAACIST. If that wasn’t ignorant enough, Charles endorsed it:


Yikes, indeed Mr. Rumpswab.


Yeah. And I’d venture a guess that most people looking at Little Green Footballs these days would see the likeness to a big steaming pantload of awesome right away as well.


Charlie, nobody’s going to believe your vapid inanity unless we post a direct link, so here it is.  Suck it up, son.

Update: It appears that The Race Detective posted a comment on the “Rocky” advert page, preceded by underling lizard “mattand.”  Click to enlarge.


h/t garycooper.

Update 2: Charles’ comment  got memory holed! Mattand’s comment survived, meanwhile two wags showed up. Click to enlarge.



Cairo is in turmoil, Mali is crumbling, Hillary Clinton lies about the Benghazi cover-up, Obama claims to be a gun enthusiast, British cartoonist Gerald Scarfe is a jew-hating asshole, the Steubenville Rape Story has been coopted and distorted by Anonymous factions, leftists on Twitter are complaining about #TwitterGulag that they claimed didn’t exist,
but Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs COMPLETELY NAIL the important news:

LGF Sara Palin

That’s the best that Charles Johnson’s minions can come up with. From the source, here’s a great summary of the article:

  • fazsha

    January 28, 2013 10:22 AM | Permalink | Reply

    If anyone doubts that universities waste student lives and tuitions, they need look no further than the time spent compiling this information.

P.S. Hey, Chuck. Quick question: What’s Obama’s income per squat? #Rumpswab #WhoGivesaCharlesGus Give It To Me

A Shot Across The Beau

CJ Tweets Inauguration Pic CNN

What a compliment to CNN for a cameraman’s foto-fu of the POTUS, the VPOTUS, the wives of both (and Voldemort) walking down steps, especially coming from the master of photography himself, Charles Johnson.

But Charles missed the obvious again, because he didn’t squint.

Inauguration Day 2013 Snark

It’s like pointing at a cloud and saying that it looks just like one of Dork Falcon’s purplewarriorbunny figurines. It’s obvious to anyone reading here that this post is obviously satirical especially when it’s so obviously obvious. No one knows what Charles really believes, except that he’s obviously an inept neonazi hunter with blinders.

Meanwhile, Charles is busy giving Stormfront traffic via cached links pasted on LGF and Twitter.  One of these days, Charles Johnson will ban himself and no one will be around to notice.

Gus Give It To Me