Charles Foster Johnson. What an Asshole.

150218 War On Women Strawman

Okay, Charles, who said that? NO ONE except for you. No one on your Twitter TL said that, and neither did anyone here or elsewhere.

Who else made fun of someone who’d had a close call with death? Who made fun of a woman who’d been raped and suffers from Lupus Disease and mocked her relentlessly, claiming she lied about it? Who was pleased that she’d suffered a debilitating stroke recently, sending her into physical and mental rehabilitation, and saw no reason to send condolences, let alone to acknowledge it?

Who or what did you sell your soul to Charles, besides that Rauhauser schwachsinnig Sputtern?

“And also, fuck you.” – Charles F. Johnson 18 February 2015


Now about that decades-old ChuckFace photo, we’re offering a $1,000 bounty for an image circa January 2015. Pony up, bro. Show us proof that you’ve dropped the pounds and 2 or 3 chins. We’ll take that photo, post it, and donate the proceeds to your butt-buddy @gus_802. He needs the booze, cigs and the sterno. Maybe we’ll donate it to some folks who deserve it instead.

Buck Schools the LGFer

Charles continues to deny any Jihadist involvement in the Boston Marathon attack, despite the involvement of 2 Chechens. He does a post taking the word of Chechen terrorists that they are not involved.

CJ Boston 1

Buck comes on this thread and schools the LGFers. He points out that terrorists have not taken responsibility after some attacks.

CJ Boston 1a

Buck demolished their little bubble.
Update: A Challenge is issued, and accepted.

130421 Challenge 1a

[Update: Fucking JPG screencaps have been replaced with fucking PNG screencaps for fucking clarity.]

Charles on The Kerry

No, that’s not an Irish drinking song about a dory lost in a gale – or maybe it is, given the state of LGF today.

The Corpulent Charles Foster Johnson opined on the Cuckold John Forbes Kerry numerous times. Kerry (who served in VietNam and has an estimated net worth of about $200 million by marriage) is apparently being considered by the non-racist non-sexist Obama Administration as a better choice for US Secretary of State than either Hillary “Billy’s Big Caboose” Clinton or UN Ambassador Susan “Spo” Rice.

Think there might be some money involved? Nah.

Oh, the racist mysogeny. Here’s a sample from the LGF Archives, courtesy of The BRC.

202 Charles Tue, Jul 27, 2004 4:54:16pm
“John Kerry will not hesitate to use our military…”
He’ll just vote against every single defense spending bill that ever crossed his desk.

66 Charles Fri, Jul 30, 2004 2:24:11pm
Christopher Luebcke wrote:

Given that the mullahs’ nuclear arms development program speeds ahead with no intervention by the current administration, who’s to say that under John Kerry we’d do any worse?

Who’s to say? The mullahs themselves.

116 Charles Sun, Aug 1, 2004 9:48:04am
Avram wrote:

I’m with you on Kerry’s comments against the Saudis. I don’t know why Charles – who I happen to know from very long personal experience is as smart as they come – would seem so inconsistent on this point…

Howzit, Avram? Appreciate the comment, but you missed my point. Yes, on the surface, Kerry’s needling of the Saudis appears to coincide with my views. However, there are two deeper points here: 1) Kerry doesn’t mean it, like almost everything else he says — the statement was tossed off in a moment of cheap political pandering, and 2) it’s utterly inconsistent with Kerry’s own stated goal of “restoring respect for America overseas.”

The simple fact, stated by many others above, is that as distasteful and ugly as our relationship with the oil ticks is, this country needs their oil. Neither you nor anyone else (and especially not John Kerry) would enjoy what would happen if the petro-taps were suddenly shut. That’s why a statement like this, thrown out to the DNC crowd for pure “red meat” effect, is so disingenuous.

50 Charles Fri, Aug 13, 2004 8:53:12am
Please note the real point of this article: the position described here is on the far, far left, even for the nuclear freeze people.

If John Kerry is elected, he’ll be America’s first openly radical pacifist President.

10 Charles Sun, Aug 7, 2011 3:15:58pm
I can forgive John Kerry for many things, but I can’t forgive this:

Fuldkommen Gak. Yep. Chuck was hypnotized and deceived by the evil yet clever Wingnuts who commanded him to be consistent in his posts for almost a decade against his will. Charles, you’re a mess.

Charlie on the NRA: Nancy’s Got A Gun

That was Charles Johnson just a few days ago. The illlogic is typically Johnsonian, in that the NRA fights to protect the 2nd Amendment, while Johnson fights to attack the 1st Amendment by blocking and banning and attempting to squelch the voices of others.

Here on DoD we laugh at the stupid, and in Spanish we say, “Ja, ja, ja!”  but not necessarily in that order because don’t want to be labeled as Serbian Genocide Deniers, whatever that means. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Charles has a Mossberg?

Normally when someone discusses lethal weaponry, especially on their own blog, they’re proud of it, and they’re not reticent about sharing stats and details with other gun owners. It’s noteworthy that our good friend has never once mentioned a model number, what ammo he prefers, and has never described firing the weapon. Not even once.

Charles has never mentioned a firearms course, never asked for (nor proffered) any advice as to maintenance, handling, or the history of his weapon on LGF. Has he ever posted a picture of his acquaintance “Mr. Mossberg”? NOPE.

Eh, big deal. Maybe Charles Johnson owns a Mossberg. Maybe he also owns a tanker on the horizon. But the BRC owns him.