Charles F. Johnson Says Rachel Dolezal Has Psychiatric Problems. There’s a Big Duh.

Just took a short wade through The Swamp to see what the inadequately educated extra-green-chromosome crowd are yammering about these days, and I found this.

White Privilege

Great. They’re retweeting/reposting the words of professional racist and protester Deray McKesson (who apparently believes he’s a modern day incarnation of Malcolm X) to attack Michele McPhee, a white female award-winning journalist and author.

Even the left can’t stand McKesson, primarily because he’s such an obnoxious dickhead. So let’s move on.

On Faking Being BlackHuh. Not sure what they’re getting at there, but it seems like they’re trying to come up with something resembling cognizance (while not violating THE LGF RULES) and flailing and failing to do it.

But then The Big Boy came in a-sputtering, and dumped a series of vapid thoughts in quick succession to assert his private LGF flying monkey meme. (He doesn’t focus much these days because of that pesky GoFundMe thingy to monitor 24/7.)

On Faking Being Black 2

Whoa. Rip it. Rip it good, Mr. Toot.

Yep. You got nailed again, #Rumpswab. Bruce has a penis, Rachel does not, and vice versa. Rachel has psychiatric troubles, yet Bruce doesn’t? Please tell us how you plan to profit from being an African-American Female Transgender Jazzbrow with psychiatric troubles, Barry.