“A Far Right Racist Website”

Whenever the LGF link to Breivik gets mentioned, Mr. Toot goes into denial mode. Rather than try to counteract the fact Breivik mentioned LGF in his manifesto, Charles smears The Diary of Daedalus as “a far right racist website.”

LGF and Charles Johnson are mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto. The chart we posted is accurate and anyone can search for mentions of LGF or Charles Johnson in Breivik’s manifesto. Mr. Toot can deny all he wants, but Breivik mentioned him (even quoted him) and no amount of spin nor smears can change that.

[Updated: Here’s a link to the DoD Breivik/Johnson Archives. It’s complete with CJ meltdowns, Breivik’s own words,  Breivik’s links to specific articles on Little Green Footballs, and unadulterated statistics. Scroll and enjoy. – Briareus]

The helpless whining on Twitter

Poor Charles, he had a meltdown over Twitter CEO Dick Costolo not addressing the issue of  “stalkers.”

I had to stop after the Police Report tweet.

[Update: Be careful what you wish for, Charles. Glenn Greenwald and others may send you to #TwitterGulag and then you’ll have to room with Gus_802. –Briarius]

The 2012 LGF Awards Awards – The Polls Are Open [Update: Now Closed ]


-now closed-
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@Lizardoid Morphs Into @Green_Footballs On Twitter

Charles Johnson is still still playing Twitter games, and for some reason decided to vaporize his @Lizardoid TweetBrand in favor of @Green_Footballs.

Of all the images Charles Johnson could choose from, he sticks with one that looks the least like him. For example, he could have picked one of these:

But he chose and saved his favorite, an image that he admires, perhaps because it shows him in a good light, in the sun with a Nike baseball cap and two fewer chins than he sports in real life.

So for some reason, Charles decided that he needed a new Twitter account, and he uses the same arcane out-of-date photo as before.

As of yesterday, Charles abandoned “@Lizardoid” as a twitter handle in favor of “@Green_Footballs,” yet kept the original as a forwarding mechanism. Why?

Might be because he wants to distance himself from some unsavory characters he’s been caught associating with. Maybe he wants the live Tweets links destroyed. Regardless, Charles works in petulant ways, and his photo is in dire need of updating, and that’s where Diary of Dadaelus comes in.

Maybe a magical jazzy pony tail just doesn’t make the nut anymore, and a headscarf  might just cover for the aging forehead. The intrepid is promulgated by intrepids, and thus we have this:

Gramma Moby

The Open Question is “Why would Chuck destroy his own Twitter Links?” Answer: He hasn’t. Not yet. He’s moving them.

[Graphics h/t @Liz_Ardoid]

The Ruse And Fail Of Little Green Footballs: Part VI – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

This is Part 6 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts.
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Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate



No one argues that Charles Johnson had no right to change his mind politically. He has every right to do so. Happens all the time. What doesn’t happen all the time is when a one-time top-notch political blogger decides to attack those who helped push him into the spotlight rather than just carry on with his own business.

There are plenty of people who became more conservative after the tragic events of 9/11, Johnson among them. But the people who made Johnson’s blog great – his “Lizard Army,” his “minions” as they called themselves – were owed better than the backstabbing and subsequent kangaroo court trials followed by a bum’s rush to the door.

Once a loyal lizard was booted for stepping on one too many invisible eggshells, the vanquished was demonized by those remaining behind, and that’s what got people pissed off, both left and right, about Charles Johnson. He couldn’t be trusted. He exposed himself, not by his words, but by his actions. Johnson is nothing more than an opportunist with no loyalty to anyone but himself.

In retrospect, Johnson might have handled it better. He might have explained his progressive epiphany or allowed dissent on LGF, but he didn’t. There was no transition period, and without warning it was Johnson’s way or the highway. Over 16,000 people either picked the highway [1] or had the decision made for them. [2] Now Johnson presides over what is essentially an online cult. Johnson asserts that he doesn’t ban anyone for disagreeing with him or for questioning him, which is an out and out falsehood, and there are over 16K who know it.

The Little Green Footballs of today bears no resemblance to the Little Green Footballs of old. Today, Johnson and his blog are objects of ridicule, and the once insightful topic threads are merely echo chambers for his rants du jour. He makes feeble attempts to recapture national prominence by hawking outlandish claims against national conservative figures – a provocative Rush Limbaugh thread here, a Glenn Beck smear thread there, a snark against the GOP and Mitt Romney, hoping that someone will mention him. So far none have taken the bait, and none have done so because Johnson hasn’t come up with any original material.

That includes his one claim to fame: Rathergate. Believe it or not, Charles Johnson stole and took credit for that one, too.

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From The Charles Johnson School of Misrepresentation

The Boiler Room Crew is an international bunch who hate each other in real life, yet come together in the mysterious realm below the trap door behind the couch hidden with the cat stuff in the Blogmocracy Rec Room. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Although they seem like a ragged crew, there’s always at least one on watch, and  one of the BRC engineers spotted this:

Mr. Magnon was very perceptive and offered some constructive criticism for Mr. Charles Johnson. With a hat tip to Mr. Magnon, The Boiler Room Crew decided to take it a step further:

Since the foosball is missing down the un-blocked floor drain and The Boiler Room Crew is throwing empty Drewry’s and Milwaulkee Lite cans at each other, Engineer No. 4 produced this animation to copy and paste elsewhere:

Magical Jazzy Ponytail = Mr. Popular Twitter Goddess

[Source: Beed Statistics International]

The illustration above should be self-explanatory and intuitively obvious to the casual observer that Charles Johnson has nothing to brag about Twitterwise or otherwise. For you purists, here are the stats:

@Lizardoid – Charles Johnson:
Followers: 2,892
Followers per tweet: 0.18
Let x = 0.18 = 100%

@rsmccain – Robert Stacy McCain
Followers: 9,975
Followers per tweet: 0.33
Robert Stacy McCain is 183.33% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@Atlasshrugs – Pamela Geller
Followers: 11,800
Followers per tweet: 1.02
Pamela Geller is 566.67% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@DLoesch – Dana Loesch
Followers: 26,804
Followers per tweet: 1.02
Dana Loesch is 566.67% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@iowahawkblog – David Burge
Followers: 16,400
Followers per tweet: 1.45
David Burge is 805.56% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@AndrewBreitbart – Andrew Breitbart
Followers: 65,025
Followers per tweet: 3.08
Andrew Breitbart is 1,711.11% more popular than Charles Johnson.

Those numbers should speak for themselves, but for the #LGF lurkers out there who are numerically challenged, we’ll spell it out: Your master and gracious host is littering Twitter and nobody gives a shit.

Except for us. And just to put everything in perspective:

@kirstiealley – Kirstie Alley
Followers: 947,529
Followers per tweet: 37.84
Kirstie Alley is 21,022% more popular than Charles Johnson.

TwitterWars – One Month Later

Just like the rest of us, Boiler Room Engineer No. 5 enjoys the sport we fondly refer to as Fact Chucking, and here’s the current score.

Remember CJ’s assertion to his troops that Breitbart had surrendered in their Tweet war because, “he was getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild”?
Well, a month has now passed, arguably a sufficient interval across which to evaluate the aftermath of that epic battle.
All we have to say to Charles Johnson is, “TRUTH? You can’t handle the truth!”

Charles Johnson declares a fictional victory over Andrew Breitbart

Charles is claiming some victory over Andrew Breitbart. Just like he claims to influence elections, Chuck is convinced that he has defeated Breitbart on Twitter. What made him draw this conclusion is beyond me.

Andrew was beaten like a step child on twitter? Are you that delusional Charles? Just like you claimed that you influenced NY-23 and was going to defeat the GOP in the midterm elections. You didn’t beat anyone. If you are so brave, unblock DOD members and try debating us. If Breitbart blocked you it’s because you’re a joke and not worth his time.

Stop with the lies Charles.


Update from Boiler Room Crew Engineer No.5.
Yep, Charles is beating the crap out of Breitbart in the Twitterwars.

Courtesy of ISTE

Some people over at Little Green Footballs were suspicious of this front page post by STLActivist who is poster “Adam” over at http*://stlactivisthub.blogspot.com/2011/10/dana-loesch-lies-about-voting-for.html

Charles puts them at ease by telling them…

168 Charles
Sun, Oct 9, 2011 8:31:00pm

I invited St. Louis Activist to post at LGF — he’s been doing really good work fact-checking the Breitbart crowd at his blog:

So there you have it, Charles is now incapable of fact checking his way out of a wet paper bag that has a slit up the side and he is begging other bloggers to write articles for him.

Also, a bit of human interest here.. The target of the article is Dana Loesch who is bright, articulate and did the best Twitter slapdown I ever saw.

She realizes who he is, then Wham!

Ouch! 😆

Anyway, that explains why four months later Charles Johnson commissions an attack piece on Dana Loesch.

“He Who Fights With Girls” had better run and hide when Ms Loesch sees this.