Happy Thanksgiving, LGF Style




Have A Thanksgiving, Charles.

Happy Thanksgiving from Diary of Daedalus!

I don’t know what it means, but with the surfboard and tropical fruit it sure looks Hawaiian, Magical and Jazzy. Thank you Charles.

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A Charlie Johnson Thanksgiving, Now With More Pam


Oh, shut up about Pam Geller. She’s equivalent to Nazis? How do you reach adulthood with that level of blind їdiocé, Charles? On Thanksgiving? Bet you’re a fun person to be around during holiday get-togethers with family (and friends, if you still have any).

At least there’s some funny on the thread:


What’s the percentage of sites that load faster? 69%?

Bonus: Some wag threadbombed the Pamtrum Convo already.

Happy Thanksgiving – Updated

Happy Thanksgiving Charles Johnson

Charles, you and your ignorant minions have given us so much fun and inane entertainment over the years. Please keep it up.

As for everyone else, have a great Thanksgiving, and remember what it means.

P.S. Zombie says “Hi.”

Update: Seems Our Boy was invited to a Thanksgiving Soire. During that time he was still Tweeting #NowListening spam.

Charles Thanksgiving 1

Charles Thanksgiving 2

[Image posted with apologies to Mr. Buster Bloodvessel.]

Thanksgiving Post

I dedicate this Thanksgiving Post to Chuck. Without him this blog would not exist.

Thank you Charles!