@Gus_802’s Contribution To History

On 6 September, actor/comedian Albert Brooks posted a Tweet, dripping with classic Brooks sarcasm, and it accidentally altered US Foreign Policy.

Before Brooks’ “Tweet Heard ‘Round The World” came screaming into Secretary of State John Kerry’s left earbud and embedded itself into his only frontal lobe, Brooks’ sarcasm roared by just inches above the greasy balding head of Our Boy Gus_802.

Gus vs Albert Brooks Tweet Heard Round The World

Yeah. Brooks had to ‘splain his Tweet to Gus. “Boom” indeed, and the rest is #Rumpswab history.

[Source: http://twitchy.com/2013/09/10/finding-chemo-albert-brooks-syria-adviser-jake-tapper-has-the-spooky-prescience-scoop/ ]

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Killgore mentions al-Qaeda attacking a Syrian City

Killgore Trout mentions that the al-Qaeda allied al-Nusra Front was attacking a Christian town held by Assad’s froces. This set off an interesting back and forth which shows how divided LGF is on this subject.

Bad Timing Bad Timing2 Bad Timing3 Bad Timing4 Bad Timing5 Bad Timing6 Bad Timing7 Bad Timing8 Bad Timing9 Bad Timing10 Bad Timing11 Bad Timing12 Bad Timing13 Bad Timing14

The argument against Killgore’s point that the rebels are al-Qaeda allies, is that dead Muslims are worth more than Christian lives. Kudos to Killgore for bringing reality into the Syria debate at LGF.

LGF has a poll on Syria

Charles is trying to have it both ways on Obama’s call for intervention in Syria. Most Progressives oppose intervention in Syria as do most on the Right. Charles does not want to give his Leftist enemies another rock to throw at him. But this is tempered by his love and support of Obama. He decided to do a poll and see which way the wind was blowing.

Poll on Syria

Charles is in a tight spot here.

The Online Jihadi General plots another war

Fresh off playing online general in the Libyan War, the future psychiatric hospital patient or terrorist Pro Life Liberal plots another war. He is now calling for US intervention in Syria.

I’m sure ProLifeLiberal will be the first to volunteer for a war in Syria. There is the Free Syrian Army now, I’m sure through his Jihadi contacts he can get in touch and volunteer. Maybe he can strap a bomb around himself and impress the girl he’s in love with who is giving up the goods to another man.

I doubt he’ll do this. He’ll end up in a psycho ward. Then again LGF is an online psycho ward.