Rebel Without A Clue: Alouette Takes On #TGDN

Charles Johnson 2012Seems like The Swamp has produced a new Irish Rose. Alouette, aka Vicious Babushka, has decided to patrol the Twittersphere in her own ignorant and insufferable style.

For those of you who unfamiliar with Alouette, she’s a long-time lizard, most notable for posting mocking images of the late Rachel Corrie (lovingly referred to by Charles Johnson as St. Pancake ) and, um, Condoleeza Rice as Aunt Jemima.

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With that intro, here’s Alouette’s Little Green Footballs Page promoted by Charles Johnson:
Viscous Bouche and TGDN
Let’s talk about this “Firehose of Hate.” Alouette, aka Viscous Bouche, doesn’t understand the meaning of the Twitter #TGDN hashtag, or if she does, she completely misrepresents its purpose.

For those of you not familiar with how Twitter works, the hashtag (#) is an easy way to follow a particular topic, rather than individuals you follow who Tweet short messages. For example, you can go to Twitter (without having to log in) and type #Rumpswab in the search bar. Twitter will find all the Tweets with that hashtag attached, regardless of who you follow or who posted the Tweet.

The #TGDN hashtag stands for “Twitter Gulag Defense Network and is exactly that. It is the brainchile of Todd Kincannon (@toddkincannon) and is a simple tool to protect freedom of speech on Twitter, to prevent one’s Twitter account from being cancelled due to false spam reports.

Leftists, including Charles Johnson and his nefarious cohorts, discovered that if enough people label a certain Twitter account as spam in a short amount of time, that account can be cancelled by the automated Twitter algorithm, regardless of whether the Tweeter was truly spamming or not. Legitimate accounts blocked by such fraud were sent to what was jokingly referred to as #TwitterGulag.

#TGDN is nothing more than a defense against false spam reports. By signing up and using the #TGDN hashtag, one is able to attract more followers. The more followers one has, the harder it is for false reports of spam to cancel one’s account. It’s a clever and simple defensive maneuver that harms no one.

To sign up, send an email with your Twitter @name to, then use the #TGDN hashtag to boost your followers.

Since presenting the #TGDN program, the left-wing trolls, while complaining that they can’t get people’s Twitter accounts cancelled anymore, adopted the exact same policy and created #UnitedBlue.

In other words, Alouette aka @ViciousBabushka is making up shit.


Update: Seems the Little Green Viscous Bouche has her own personal Firehose of Hate that spews in all caps [h/t BRC Engineer No. 4 for the updated screencap]:

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