Left Wing Libertarians and RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The political confusion of Charles Johnson rears its ugly fat head yet again. Charles claims that libertarians are left wing, despite calling them far right just weeks ago. Everyone knows that libertarianism is an ideology of the political right that ranges from center-right fiscal conservatives/social moderate to far right anti-government anarcho-capitalists. Yet somehow, after weeks of calling libertarians far right, Charles now claims they are left wing. In an added bonus, he links the “left wing libertarians” to the greatest threat humanity has ever faced; RON PAUL!

Leftwing Libertarians Leftwing Libertarians2

Granted some on the Glenn Greenwald left have joined forces with libertarians on the right to fight government spying. But they are not libertarians, since they believe in government control over the economy. The far right Ron Paulians he he has a hissy fit over are libertarians of the anarcho-capitalist variety. Charles really is confused over political labels.

Question for the readers: Could Charles Johnson be suffering from Alzheimer? He writes posts says one thing and then a few weeks later he writes a post that contradicts what he previously wrote. Could he be suffering from memory loss?

Please discuss.

Charles views Corey Booker’s win as a victory against Glenn Greenwald

Gone are the days when Ron Paul was behind every sinister plot or when Libertarians were considered Far Right. Today the enemy is Glenn Greenwald and Libertarians are have become Far Left in Chucky’s world. He views every political event now as a struggle against Greenwald’s forces.

Newark Mayor Corey Booker won the The Democrat nomination for the US Senate yestrday. Glenn Greenwald endorced his oppoent Rush Holt. Booker won and Charles is now crowing as if this was some huge loss for Greenwald.




A majority of NJ Democrats probably do not know nor care who Glenn Greenwald is. Only in Charles Johnson’s mind is an election a proxy fight between 2 online personalities.

The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part II – The Ascendance

This is Part 2 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts. They will be updated as the series continues.
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Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate


Thread Topics, National Recognition and Commenting

It cannot be disputed that Charles Johnson was once noted for exposing radical Islam in stories that were not broadcast or found on what is termed the “mainstream media.” Johnson found interesting and newsworthy stories that went under-reported or ignored by the MSM and opened them up for discussion. He was celebrated for exposing rampant anti-Semitism found on Arabic television, especially in children’s programming. He documented efforts by the United States and others to eradicate terrorism, both politically and militarily, often sporting headlines such as “Got Two in Gaza!” or “Got Four in Lebanon!” referring to the number of enemy combatants killed.

More to the point, Little Green Footballs was interesting to read simply as an observer. His blog members at the time included well-educated, well-read individuals from all walks of life – physicians, attorneys, editors, engineers, meteorologists, teachers and other professionals, with first hand knowledge of the various topics presented for discussion. Review the comments section of any thread prior to 2009 dealing with world and domestic affairs and you will find a treasure trove of links, research, first-hand experience and commentary that rivaled anything offered by the alphabet networks and cable news.

Johnson was propelled to national attention and prominence as a central figure in the scandal known as “Rathergate,” the fraud promoted by Dan Rather and CBS. Rather and CBS proffered forged Texas Air National Guard memoranda[1] less than two months prior to the 2004 Presidential Election, in an effort to discredit President George W. Bush. Read the rest of this entry »

I thought Ron Paul was powerful?

Charles Johnson placed Ron Paul as one of the leaders of his Global Nazi plot. He has claimed that Paul is very influential in the Republican Party and might actually be the one in charge. Now Charles tweets that Ron Paul was scrapped from speaking at the RNC.

Charles, if Ron Paul was so powerful, why was he not allowed to speak? He tweets this story out without realizing it undermines his own conspiracy theory! He really is stupid.

Hypothetical 2012 Presidential matchup

OK, let’s say Obama decided not to run and Charles Johnson got some sun block and decided to run for President. Supposed Charles went on to win the nomination.  Then imagine if his opponent was Ron Paul for the Republican Party, how would you vote?

Charles focuses on Ron Paul’s showing in Nevada

Charles Johnson’s obsession with Ron Paul clouds everything for him. Rather than discussing Romney’s win in Nevada, Chuck focuses on Ron Paul’s showing.

Ron Paul lives in what’s left of Charles Johnson’s brain.

Charles Johnson agrees with Ron Paul about Michele Bachmann

Ron Paul is the bogey man of LGF. For over 5 years, Charles Johnson was obsessed with this loon. In fact, Chuck accused Ron Paul of being at the center of some Rightwing plot. But as always, Charles Johnson changes his opinion on people. He praises Ron Paul for accusing Bachmann of being a racist and hating Muslims. Charles also takes a swipe at his rejected crush, Pam Geller.

Wow, after being the center of evil, Ron Paul is now a hero to Charles Johnson. Chuck doesn’t care about his prior opinion of a person. All he cares about is a way to attack someone else. Since he hates Bachmann, he will use Ron Paul as a club to hit her with.

One thing that is creepy is how Charles ties Pam Geller to this. The Cheetos King can’t get over her rejection of him. He really needs to move on.

Praise for Ron Paul on LGF

As recently as a few month ago, Ron Paul was the center of all the world’s evil. Now many at LGF are expressing admiration for the man.

What a turnaround! Ron Paul went from being Chuck’s main bogey man, to a beloved figure by his minions.

The Relentless Ron Paul!

Ron Paul made a fool of himself at last night’s GOP debate. Despite this, Charles believes Ron Paul is still a major political player. In fact, he calls him relentless!

Charles Johnson’s obsession with Ron Paul is just baffling!

Whatever happened to Fact Checking? Plus, Ron Paul to retire.

Haakondahl is an old-timer from LGF. He hasn’t been around the place too much, because he was stunned at what he discovered. Haakondahl had a debate with Fozziebear, who’s one of the sociology majors that now inhabit that blog.  Haak, makes an astute observation!

LGF once known for fact checking is now just a propaganda blog full of 20-year-old sociology majors.

(Hat Tip: grandjunctionite)

On another note, Charles will be truly sad. His bogey man Ron Paul has announced he will retire from Congress in 2012. Does this mean the evil Paul has an even more sinister plot up his sleeve? I’m sure Charles Johnson will get to the bottom of it!

Update: In more bad news for Charles Johnson , only 44% of Americans believe in Global Warming.

Only 44 percent say they “believe the theory” that carbon dioxide emissions are warming the Earth, down from 51 percent in 2009 and 71 percent in 2007, but most movement has been into the “not sure” column.

Charles, you really know how to pick winning issues!