A Report From The Boiler Room

Charles Johnson has been toggling recently. He’s been flipping a switch, blocking and unblocking archived comments on an irregular basis.

Why he’s doing it is anyone’s guess, but it seems to The Boiler Room Crew that he’s testing the waters for a full-blown vaporization of millions of pre-2008 comments from his website, not only erasing his own history, but the history of many others.  That he’s poised to evaporate millions of comments is not an exaggeration, either. There’s no question that Mr. Lizard is  expending a lot of time and trouble on this.

It has also been confirmed that he’s blocking entire regions from accessing LGF archives. Why would he do this? I’ll tell you. He’s scared and paranoid for what he and his loyal lizards posted back then when they were credible, when they made a difference, before the purge of the sentients.

Check this out. Here’s a recent roster of the current LGF Saints and Sinners. It’s a long list, so it continues below the break.

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