Charles Johnson present vs. Charles Johnson past: Dezzez sets it up, Pakimon calls it, Gamma3 for the win.


And if that’s not enough funny, here’s the ONE comment on Charles’ GoFundMe page, proving that Charles can’t stand to look at his lack of donations stats anymore:

Charles Johnson: Sean Hannity is a Racist because of Keanu Reeves

No, we’re not making this up. Charles Johnson really thinks this is a scoop, so let’s run through it.

There was a 2014 movie titled “John Wick” with a promo photo that featured Keanu Reeves:


Then some wag took that image and photoshopped it for political commentary on how the media was treating Donald Trump:


It was posted at several locations in mid October and circulated around the internet. Then Sean Hannity reposted it with a new caption:

So what did Charles Johnson’s Flying Monkeys do? They capped the image, ran it through a Google Image Search and found nothing, then ran it through Tineye and struck gold.


Those are the oldest images Tineye’s webcrawler captured, dated 16 October 2016. Three days later, another site posted it:

hannity-attack-4Okay, so here it is.

  • Some movie producers created a promo image with Keanu Reeves in the center of a theoretical firing squad;
  • Some wag coopted it, added Donald Trump’s image with political commentary;
  • Some people posted it on 4Chan, Reddit, Pictaram and other sites;
  • Tineye crawled the sites and posted results on 16 October;
  • An Alt-Right Blog reposted the image in a commentary on 19 October;
  • Someone forwarded a version of the image to Sean Hannity;
  • Hannity added commentary and Tweeted it on 25 October;
  • On 27 October, Charles Johnson / Little Green Footballs tracked it all down, reposted everything he objected to and then crowed about his dot connections.


So, according to Charles Johnson logic:

Tineye, Reddit, Pictaram, 4Chan & Little Green Footballs are all racist sites, and Keanu Reeves, Sean Hannity and Charles Johnson are all white supremacists. They are all connected to an illustration that was copied and pasted onto an Alt-Right blog post entitled “Why The Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary And Support Trump.

Charles, you’re a psychotic mess. Quid acervus stercore.

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The Race Detective takes advantage of a Tragedy

Mr. Toot’s dream came through, a Neo-Nazi committed an atrocity. Instead of mourning the victims, The Race Detective is bragging about how he has focused on the Nazi threat.

Mr. Toot, you are an evil, narcissistic piece of trash who makes it all about you. Have you no common decency, Charles?

Charles F. Johnson Says Rachel Dolezal Has Psychiatric Problems. There’s a Big Duh.

Just took a short wade through The Swamp to see what the inadequately educated extra-green-chromosome crowd are yammering about these days, and I found this.

White Privilege

Great. They’re retweeting/reposting the words of professional racist and protester Deray McKesson (who apparently believes he’s a modern day incarnation of Malcolm X) to attack Michele McPhee, a white female award-winning journalist and author.

Even the left can’t stand McKesson, primarily because he’s such an obnoxious dickhead. So let’s move on.

On Faking Being BlackHuh. Not sure what they’re getting at there, but it seems like they’re trying to come up with something resembling cognizance (while not violating THE LGF RULES) and flailing and failing to do it.

But then The Big Boy came in a-sputtering, and dumped a series of vapid thoughts in quick succession to assert his private LGF flying monkey meme. (He doesn’t focus much these days because of that pesky GoFundMe thingy to monitor 24/7.)

On Faking Being Black 2

Whoa. Rip it. Rip it good, Mr. Toot.

Yep. You got nailed again, #Rumpswab. Bruce has a penis, Rachel does not, and vice versa. Rachel has psychiatric troubles, yet Bruce doesn’t? Please tell us how you plan to profit from being an African-American Female Transgender Jazzbrow with psychiatric troubles, Barry.

Local control of education is racist!

The Race Detective is on the job and helping to discover racism, where it is least expected. Hardline Stalinist Wrenchwench asked if conservatives/libertarians calling for local control of education is racist.

Local Control

The Race Detective answers her pressing question by acknowledging that calls for local control of education is racist.

Local Control2

The dreaded creationists allied with racists!

What would we do without the Race Defective?

Prolific Little Green Footballs Racist Commenter Alouette, aka Vicious Babushka, aka Pie-onist Overlord, Claims Racism

Okay, look at this first:

Alouette on Maya Angelou

I wonder if Maya Angelou ever saw these delightful graphics created and posted on Little Green Footballs by the same person who is now screeching about fabricated racism, aka Alouette.

Alouette Condolezza Rice Racismsaintjemima
Yeah, we got you sussed, Alouette. Keep fabricating lies, and we’ll keep making fun of your competition to outweigh Charles Johnson by January 2012.

Oh wait.

Shiplord Kirel plays Race Detective

Charles Johnson’s obsession with race filters down to his minions. Shiplord Kirel was once on the Right but has gone hardcore Marxist Left since Charles did his switch. He plays the role of Race detective by linking some screed claiming the Tea Party is racist.

Kirel Race Kirel Race2 Kirel Race3

LGF needs new material, the race nonsense is played out.