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For all you non-groovy obscessed freaks who spew hatred, here ya go!

The Charles Johnson Lizard Logic Game

So now it’s time to play “The Charles Johnson Lizard Logic Game.”

A UK Guardian reporter may be responsible for a new leak of unredacted documents from WikiLeaks… (Sept. 01-2011)

The statement, released on WikiLeaks’s official Twitter feed, alleged: “A Guardian journalist has, in a previously undetected act of gross negligence or malice, and in violation of a signed security agreement with the Guardian’s editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger, disclosed top secret decryption passwords to the entire, unredacted, WikiLeaks Cablegate archive. We have already spoken to the state department and commenced pre-litigation action. We will issue a formal statement in due course.” The Guardian denies WikiLeaks’s allegations.

In the past, Charles Johnson would not allow any WikiLeak material to be posted or linked to on LGF and was very much against Jullian Assange and his document leaks.

The Guardian has begun publishing Wikileaks’ latest batch of stolen diplomatic cables: US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis.

I don’t recall voting for Julian Assange. As he sets himself up as the arbiter of government morality, and recklessly reveals secrets that will distort and vastly complicate international relations, and very probably cause innocent people to suffer and die, who will hold him accountable? Who does he answer to?

Yet Charles Johnson has been known to write guest commentary for the UK Guardian.

One thing you’ll discover in the article is that Pamela Geller got her start on the internet by commenting at my site, Little Green Footballs. She posted more than 6,000 comments at LGF in our earlier days, when our comment moderation policy was much more laissez faire than it is now.


By not too many degrees of separation, and using Charles Johnson’s guilt by association logic that Little Green Footballs is so well know for… Charles must agree now with Wikileak’s document dumps… no matter what damage and death it can bring to countries and individuals.

Charles unavoidably puts himself and LGF at the forefront of the early anti-Jihad movement by the statement he made in his Guardian article… “Pamela Geller got her start on the internet by commenting at my site, Little Green Footballs.”

Major double-stupid Charles. It’s no wonder that no one trusts you worth a shit. You’re ready to stab anyone and anything in the back to promote your selfish self.


Dumpster diving at the gated estate that serves as LGF Galactic Headquarters, the BRC has recovered what is presumably a high-level, sekrit communication between President Obama and his foremost advisor on Middle East affairs, Charles Johnson, which appears to be a draft for a proposed ‘contiguous Palestinian state’. And it shows, as Johnson has repeatedly asserted, that Israel has no stronger supporter than Obama.

Buzzsawmonkey pointed out earlier today:

The most important thing is not even “the 1967 (pre-war) lines.” It is that Obama called for the “Palestinian” state to be contiguous, which means that Israel would have to be divided. […]


BSM’s catch was in fact a little noted point from Obama’s speech on May 19:

[…]The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.[…]


Rest easy supporters of Israel, the current administration, under the guidance of teh Chunky One, has your best interests at heart:

Update: The long, green, snake-like, approximately 9 mile wide line is supposed to be the contiguous state of Spaghettistan Contiguoustan itself and not its border. [As if explaining the jokes makes them funnier…]

Update2: The topic of a contiguous Palestinian state came up at the swamp back in 2009 when, on that occasion, Obama called for one:

h/t Buzzsawmonkey

Generic Open Thread Is Generic

In order to remedy the pressure from the boiler downstairs, here’s a relief valve. Purge away, me bloogs. Purge away.

Reggie banned Open Thread

I banned Reggie/Lawrence/Zaphod after several attempts to reason with him. Despite my 3 year hostility with him, I really sincerely tried as a human to help him. He is under the delusion that Chuck is on a plot with him, when clearly Charles said he has nothing to do with him. Reggie believes that Bill O’Reilly is after him and that there’s a massive conspiracy behind these blogs. Instead of talking civil, he smeared me as an anti-Semite and launched personal attacks on many on this blog. Clearly he needs professional help and this is not a psychiatric ward. This a blog exposing the hypocrisy and mocking Charles “Icarus” Johnson.

I thank everyone for their patience, but I really wanted to help another human being who lives in a fantasy world. I did this post because I feel the readers of Daedalus needed to be told the reason for Reggie’s banning.

Note: I moved Chen’s post to 7:00 PM EST. Our both went up at the same time and I felt his was a better thread. I gave him the Prime Time spot.