The Jim Hoft obsession

The obsession Charles has over Jim Hoft is very creepy.

This series of tweets about Jim Hoft are signs of a sick obsession Charles has. These are not the tweets of a normal sane man.

Charles Johnson’s blatant lie

It’s well-known that Charles Johnson has a grudge against Pam Geller. He clearly is angry that she never had a romantic interest in him. Since their parting of ways, he’s launched vile attacks on her. Over the last week he did 7 posts her, 2 just yesterday. He attacked her associate Robert Spencer today and has another post today about the Norway’s shooter calls to the police. One of the tags he used was Pam Geller.

The Jazz Guitarist clearly has an obsession with her. Rather than admit it, he lies outright that he doesn’t!

What’s pathetically predictable is your denial over your Pam Geller obsession. Get over her Chuck!

Update: Pam Geller responds to The Jazz Guitarist’s obsession over her.  Charles then whines about Pam’s response.

Charles denied he’s obsessed with Pam yet he is organizing a campaign to label Pam Geller’s book hate speech on Amazon. If he didn’t care about her, why does he track her every move? Why doesn’t Charles Johnson do a book? The answer is easy, there are enough children’s coloring books.

Charles, be a man and get over her!

Get over her Charles!

The Sage of Culver City can’t let go of his obsession with Pam Geller. Once again he has another thread on her. A commentator asks Charles, why is he obsessed with her?

Charles the reason your being asked is because it’s obvious to all. You’re obsessed with Pam Geller and can’t get over her rejecting you. Be happy with Un Mata Hari and move on. Be a man for once in your life. Grow up Chuck, you’re 58 and not 18!

The Sage of Culver City still thinks of Pam

This is really getting old. Charles once again attacks Pam Geller. He can’t let go of her and attacks her, yet again!

He mocks her for her Birther stance. This coming from a man who believes Ron Paul is on the verge of re-establishing the 4th Reich. He has no credibility and all this does is show his obsession with Pam Geller. The Sage of Culver City needs to let her go. She will never be yours Charles!

Even on New Years Eve Chuck mentions Pam

Chuck just will not let Pamela Geller go. He is upset she rejected him and is bitter over it. Not even on New Years eve does he not think of her.

Chuck, its New years Eve! Can’t you let your heart break over Pam go for just one night!

Chuck continues his Pam Geller obsession

Chuck has another Pam hating thread. He continues to do what he accuses others of doing to him, criticising every move he makes. Someone finally called him out on it and he responds.

Chuck, Pam rejected you just get over it and move on.

Chuck takes a swipe at Pam in his Bolton hit piece

The Jazz Man’s anger over his rejection by Pam Geller continues. He has a hit piece attacking Former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Bolton had written an opinion piece in the Guardian explain the threat of wikileaks and having the military take down the server. Chuck takes a shot at this opinion and as a man scorned, he takes a shot at Pamela Geller. Nevermind she has nothing to do with this article, he just wants any excuse to take out his juvenile anger at her.

Rather than give an alternative to what Bolton says, the Jazz Man just attacks him. The reason for his hatred is that John Bolton is friends with his one time crush Pam Geller. He can’t get over the fact she is a player on the political scene and he’s just angry man who can’t get over a rejection. This man needs some serious mental help.

Another whacked out Pam hating post

The Jazz Man can’t get over his rejection at the hands of Pamela Geller. Since that time, he has done everything possible to destroy her. He even uses a utility invented by a sexual pervert to smear here. Well another day and another Pam smear.

The title is true, this is the wacked out Pam rant of the day, by Chuck. His obsession with Pam has consumed him and he can’t let get over her rejection of him.

Get over it Charles, be a man and move on!

Update: This picture describes Chuck’s obsession with Pamela Geller.

(Picture Hat Tip: Palandine)



The Pam Obsession continues

It seems the  that davemanus’ revelation that Chuck tried to have a romantic relationship with Pamela Geller go to him. The Jazz Man has a new thread attacking Pam Geller.

Chuck  just can’t get over the rejection!

Update (CZ): And as promised in an earlier thread, here’s what our intervention calls for: