Charles Johnson, Expert in Middle East Terrorism, Exonerates Al Qaeda From U.S. Embassy Attack.

Based upon a report by the well known and respected Conservative Voice of Reason known as the LA Times (authored by Ken Dilanian and Shashank Bengali) and backed up by objective reporting by the NYT, and ignoring surveillance videos, reports by the CIA, first-hand accounts by the military and locals, and other compelling testimony and evidence that the attack that killed non-combatant US Citizens serving on US land abroad due to incompetence by the current administration, it’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that Charles Johnson is a mess.

Al-Qaeda hasn’t been pinned to the 9/11/12 attacks on the US Embassies yet, but so what. You think they didn’t have a hand in it Charlie? You think the various terrorist groups operate in a vacuum bubble like Little Green Footballs?

We’ll humor you, Chuck. It was just a benign protest in the streets with anti-American flags and puppets that went bad once people showed up to infiltrate a peaceful demonstration about a video that few had seen, with automatic weapons,  RPGs and cans of diesel when there is absolutely no evidence that it went down that way.

Chuck, play us another tune.

Oh, one more thing. That top image with the adverts was a screencap and not photoshopped. Thank you, Charles.

Daedalus Update: Charles Johnson’s latest post links to a story that contradicts his claims al-Qaeda was not involved.

“It was a flash mob with weapons,” is how the senior official described the attackers. The mob included members of the Ansar al-Sharia militia, about four members of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, and members of the Egypt-based Muhammad Jamal network, along with other unarmed looters.

I thought al-Qaeda was not involved Charles?

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Hat tip Barrett Brown


Chuck claims he’s on the front edge of reporting stories. He also claims he never reads Diary of Daedalus or gives credence to comments here.As we shall see, we have caught Charles “Icarus” Johnson in another lie.

Barret Brown had a comment about an unconfirmed report of Gaddafi fleeing to Venezuela.

Floral Giraffe posted Barret’s comments and the Jazz Man insulted and downplayed it.

So Charles doesn’t trust what Barret Brown writes? Well 10 minutes after this comment, let’s look at what Chucked posted.

So 10 minutes after dismissing Barret’s comments , Charles “Icarus” Johnson posts on the very same subject? I thought Barret Brown wasn’t trustworthy Chuck? I also thought you don’t care or read this blog? Clearly the Jazz Man is not on the cutting edge of news.

Chuck was caught in another lie yet again. If Charles was Pinocchio, his nose would be reaching China at this point.

(Hat Tips: Bagua and livefreeor die)