The Charles Johnson Robert Byrd Post

Interesting that Charles decided to subtweet to Joel Pollak, author and senior-editor-at-large of about the late ex-Klansman and U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV).

Byrd was the founder and recruiter for the West Virginia branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and although he left the organization, his voting record on race never changed. He is relevant to current events as President Biden praised and supported Byrd’s race segregation and anti-civil rights policies.

Charles Johnson knows this. So why did he send this post down the LGF Memory Hole? Because his assessment in 2007 was correct.

Fortunately for us, The Way Back Machine provides us with all the info we needed to recreate the original (via the BRC Nil Stooge LGF Template). The text is verbatim; only the format differs slightly from the original. Right click on the image for larger view.

[Kudos to BRC Engineer ISTE for finding it on the WBM & h/t to Charles for reminding us.]

Charles Johnson’s kind words for Ben Shapiro and Joel Pollak

Charles Johnson condemns Conservatives for hateful comments. Again, he engages in the same activities he condemns. His latest target for his rants are Ben Shapiro and Joel Pollak of

Keep it classy Charles. Funny, I haven’t seen you on TV recently. Then again, you’re so nasty looking, I don’t think I would like to. As for Professor Derrick Bell, well check out this story he wrote.  Bell was a racist and Charles is OK with it.

Update: Charles launches a vicious attack on He attacks them over the redesign and gloats about broken links.

Charles had many flaws with LGF which the BRC pointed out and he corrected. For him to mock another website is the ultimate act of hypocrisy. His defense of Derrick Bell by calling those who point out his racism as White Nationalists shows his intellectual dishonesty. Some forms of racism are more equal to others in the world of Charles Johnson. When Chuck dies, no one will be mourning him. His jealousy of Andrew Breitbart having a legacy makes him more deranged by the day. The  Race Detective should be locked up in a mental institute.