The GOP = Turds Posted on LGF as “Humor”

Earlier we noticed a disturbance in The Swamp. Seems that El Gusano had a problem with an LGF Page created by Jimmah/Ice Productions. Here’s the page in question:
Jimmah's Deleted Page

That steaming pile of wit was filed under the LGF sub-heading “Humor,” and at least two other Lizards thought that it was clever enough to upding it.  Here’s the “Full article” that Jimmah linked to: Read the rest of this entry »

They Ain’t No Backstabbin’ In The Swamp

Last month during Walter’s infamous Email Dump a lot of lizards got jumpy and nervous, and a comment caught our eye. It reasserts what many of us have suspected and speculated upon for a long time.


Is that proof of a backstabbing cabal on the Little Putting Green of the Blogosphere? No, it’s just hearsay, at least so far. The person who wrote the comment declined to divulge his source in order to protect the privacy of that source, who is apparently a lizard in good standing. We respect that.

The lizards claim they don’t read here, but it sure seems like they do, because a few days later we noticed this:

Jimmah didn’t quite report it correctly, but she and her husband iceweasel spotted it for sure. Does that disprove the allegations? Nope. And we don’t care.

We don’t care because we like proof. Meanwhile, we received some unrelated Twitter messages today from a lizard, meant for another lizard, that was sent to us by accident. Shit happens, and we won’t divulge that lizard’s nic either.

Who that lizard is and what was sent doesn’t matter, because it led us to a YouTube account set up by JimmahIceProductions. That’s where we found this gem, posted in November 2011:

[somewhat NSFW audio]

Just in case the vid goes Johnson, we preserved the important part.

[Update: They don’t read here, but we back up vids, too. Here it is.]

Jimmah and asswhistle don’t undermine other lizards, huh.


Bonus: Note the single comment below the vid:
“LOL. What did he do now?”
Neddhartha is none other than Cato The Elder (who summoned his own banning months before by refusing to hit the Tip Jar). He also left this chewy little morsel for Charles on the Little Green Footballs Kindle subscription page:

[h/t Bagua & BRC Engineer No. 6]

Jimmah throws Israel under the bus with Geert Wilders

Chuck used to pride himself on LGF being a premier pro-Israel blog. However the new LGF crowd is far from it and he doesn’t do many posts on the subject. He knows we here at Daedalus will document the reaction of his commentators. This however doesn’t stop people from doing posts on the pages. Jimmah who along with his wife iceweasel are the de facto rulers of the LGF cults, did a post which was on  some BBC hit job on Geert Wilders and claims that Zionist are funding him and the EDL!

The BBC is pro-Islamic and is not an accurate source to follow in regards to Geert Wilders, The EDL and Israelis. In fact they even imply in this documentary that Geert Wilders and the EDL are funded by Israelis. Iceweasel recommends this Pro-Jihad propaganda to the LGF cult members.  Clearly she is telling them this is what Charles expects.

However, not all are buying it. LGF commentator Bob Levin calls out Jimmah for putting up a hit pice that has anti-semitic elements to it.

Rather than address Bob Levin’s criticism, Jimmah defends the propaganda pice.

This would not have occurred at LGF even 2 years ago. Clearly now that Jimmah and Iceweasel are showing their anti-Israel colors, it will be only a matter of time before their puppet Charles follows suit. Make no mistake what the ex porn star and her husband say is what becomes doctrine at LGF. Chuck will do whatever they ask.

When Chuck does a post on this, he will tie it into his own Ron Paul based conspiracy theory.




The overnight thread at the swamp featured an inordinate amount of discussion about DoD (and Barrett Brown in particular), so I thought I’d post couple of examples up. First, from our old pal Killgore Trout:

Now, there’s nothing on this blog that features any claim of being a “true conservative” site that I’m aware of (especially not to the extent that quotation marks like that would be appropriate). This is an anti-LGF group blog, and for the most part, the cast looks past each others’ political differences.  In addition, KT is certainly misrepresenting what Barrett posted, and I don’t recall feeding anti-global warming threads to anyone (Where? I’m gonna need some help on that).  In fact, there’s so much straw and silliness in this comment that I couldn’t help but dig up this vid.

Next, we have Jimmah, who may win the PIMF award for 2011 (although it is early):

Raise your hand if you think that Jimmah is just jealous first, and completely missing the point second.  No, the “funny” is that lizard butthurt was the intended outcome of those karma threads, so….gotcha!  Not to worry though, Jimmah, as The Boiler Room has located your top karma comment of all time:

How fitting.

Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete: Defenseman and Wild Irish Rose

Over the past few years, there has been a handful of proud LGF members who have stepped forward and gone out of their way to defend CJ and attack his opponents beyond the safe walls of the cult fortress.  These brave blog warriors will sometimes even be rewarded for their service to the Grand Lizardoid with a dedicated front page LGF thread!  But before you lurkers start rushing over here, you might want to read on…

You see, one trend that we keep noticing in our research is that these little romances are relatively short lived.   To illustrate, let’s take a peek at this infamous post (note the timestamp):

 “Defending the Defensible”, as many will remember, was actually kind of a big deal in LGF circles, and was the site of a few prolonged flame exchanges. It was even deemed worthy enough to grace the sidebar with an official LGF feed. Click on that link in the thread today, however, and you’re greeted by this (again, note the timestamp):

Sick of the lies

March 25, 2010 by BG

Those of you familiar with my posts know that I try not to be a harsh person. 

However, certain things have come to my attention that I feel the need to address.

A few weeks ago, I was alerted to some lies that were being passed around by some people who comment over at LGF.  I don’t take too kindly to lying and having lies posted about what I have done, especially when the liar is one who helped me and then abandoned the project midstream. 

Hello, Iceweasel, Jimmah, and Cato.  

The rant against Iceweasel and Jimmah continues for several more paragraphs, eventually culminating with this (emphasis mine):

Ice, I’m not going to reply to any of your comments to this post.  Not because I won’t read them, but because I really don’t care about you and what your feeble little mind has to think about them.  Iceweasel, please kindly fuck off.

OK then!  I guess we can assume that the project didn’t work out as hoped.  But I suppose the title of the thread still holds true, in that it is still an LGF-related blog, but…

We’ve got the bonus link up there in the thread, so maybe a LGF reader would have more luck with Wild Irish Rose: Charles Johnson is right: defending the defensible:

Page not found

Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog A Wild Irish Rose does not exist.

Charles could learn something from Irish Rose. When she goes for the memory hole, she does it right. There’s nothing in the wayback machine, nothing on google, both her blogger and wordpress sites, just…nothing.  This was one of about 10 impassioned and lengthy “Charles Johnson is right” posts that went supernova after she was banned (I thought I had them, but it seems I didn’t realize google’s long-term memory was an issue).  In any case, it’d be fun to keep an eye on the view counter for this thread, since for every click… there is a LOL:

More like, “A Little [deleted] Breaks Through”.   

Exit questions for everyone:  Will this thread follow the link into the memory hole?  Or, can Charles accomplish what I could not, and rescue the “eloquent defense” from its depths?  and Is BG and Irish Rose the same person?