Chuckie is going to make money!

It looks Chuck’s tough economic times are coming to an end. After his programming company went and he destroyed his blog, he was living off donations from his readers. Now the tide has tuned!

So Charles  will be making money again! Who knew his Jazz career in the 70’s would help him earn a living in the 2010’s!

Here’s the song he will earn money on. Look closely halfway through and you will see Chuck!

The Facial expressions of Charles “Icarus” Johnson playing a guitar

I discovered another video of Charles Johnson’s Jazz guitar days. This one if from the same Montruex Jazz festival in 1980 as the other 2 that were circulating. What makes this video different is the focus on the expression on Chuck’s face.

This is the mean who thinks he’s an intellectual giant. Charles is nothing more than an entertainer. He has no original thoughts and is just a washed up musician.

Here are the other 2 videos that have been circulating form that concert.

Chuck sees more Nazis

The Jazz Man was born in the wrong time frame. He clearly is stuck in the 1930’s and sees the Nazis as a major threat. He sees them everywhere and thinks Nazis are behind some of his craziest conspiracy theory. Even dressing up for an re-enactment makes one a Nazis!

Maybe Chuck is re-enacting being a journalist in the 1930’s warning about the rise of the Nazis. He really believes Nazis are everywhere and are growing. He must have watched too many WWII films.

Is the Jazz Man cracking?

Is the facade of power wearing off on the Jazz Man?

What is wrong with the guy? Does want to get rid of the Internet? Is he tiring of being challenged. Or is he Deranged?

I’ll let the commentators decide this.

Update: He is claiming the GOP is dying!

Well I guess the Jazz Man hasn’t seen the latest polls. Clearly he is a delusional man.

(Upadte Hat Tip: BatGuano)