Our Gus Is An Awesome Gus – Part II

El Gusano takes a stroll down Memory Lane.

(Psst… Mr. Hoover/@nicdanger619… she was an ex-porn star… her LGF nic was Iceweasel Asswhistle… pass it on…)

[h/t Octopus]

The GOP = Turds Posted on LGF as “Humor”

Earlier we noticed a disturbance in The Swamp. Seems that El Gusano had a problem with an LGF Page created by Jimmah/Ice Productions. Here’s the page in question:
Jimmah's Deleted Page

That steaming pile of wit was filed under the LGF sub-heading “Humor,” and at least two other Lizards thought that it was clever enough to upding it.  Here’s the “Full article” that Jimmah linked to: Read the rest of this entry »

They Ain’t No Backstabbin’ In The Swamp

Last month during Walter’s infamous Email Dump a lot of lizards got jumpy and nervous, and a comment caught our eye. It reasserts what many of us have suspected and speculated upon for a long time.


Is that proof of a backstabbing cabal on the Little Putting Green of the Blogosphere? No, it’s just hearsay, at least so far. The person who wrote the comment declined to divulge his source in order to protect the privacy of that source, who is apparently a lizard in good standing. We respect that.

The lizards claim they don’t read here, but it sure seems like they do, because a few days later we noticed this:

Jimmah didn’t quite report it correctly, but she and her husband iceweasel spotted it for sure. Does that disprove the allegations? Nope. And we don’t care.

We don’t care because we like proof. Meanwhile, we received some unrelated Twitter messages today from a lizard, meant for another lizard, that was sent to us by accident. Shit happens, and we won’t divulge that lizard’s nic either.

Who that lizard is and what was sent doesn’t matter, because it led us to a YouTube account set up by JimmahIceProductions. That’s where we found this gem, posted in November 2011:

[somewhat NSFW audio]

Just in case the vid goes Johnson, we preserved the important part.

[Update: They don’t read here, but we back up vids, too. Here it is.]

Jimmah and asswhistle don’t undermine other lizards, huh.


Bonus: Note the single comment below the vid:
“LOL. What did he do now?”
Neddhartha is none other than Cato The Elder (who summoned his own banning months before by refusing to hit the Tip Jar). He also left this chewy little morsel for Charles on the Little Green Footballs Kindle subscription page:

[h/t Bagua & BRC Engineer No. 6]

Charles has another Conspiracy theory

LGF has more conspiracy theories than Infowars could ever imagine. The individual posting as Charles Johnson is a fountain of imaginary and invented conspiracies. Chuck’s newest theory is that the media is not exposing Conservatives for their connections to White Supremacists. The reason, according to the Sage of Culver City, is that the press wants a close election.

“Charles Johnson” really has an imagination!

The Elusive Quixote Returns!

After missing in action for more than a month, our old friend the Elusive Quixote returns!

Let’s look at the top of his latest post!


It seems the Elusive Quixote has mellowed out with his hysteria since the elusive one was last spotted on June 29th. Instead of billions will die, he’s now stating just thousands are effected by the FAA dispute. Come on Ludwig, we expect better of you!

Clearly he’s mellowed out because he fears his former paramour and failed porn actress Iceweasal is lurking. How long the Elusive Quixote stays around at LGF is a mystery! His sightings have been less frequent over the last 6 months. Maybe he’s an endangered species!

Update: The Elusive Quixote explains his absense.

The Elusive Quixote has been busy hiding from Iceweasal!

The Return of the Empress

Although Charles Johnson is the official owner of LGF, he is not the real power. That honor belongs to failed porn actress, Iceweasel. She has had all rivals like Sharmuta and Irish Rose banned.  Iceweasel has even  marginalized the Elusive Quixote. She had been missing from LGF for a few weeks, until now.

A discussion about abortion was going on at LGF.  Sattv4u2 said he didn’t like extremists on either side of the abortion debate. Iceweasel who supports Abortion on demand and government funded ones as well, lays down the law.

The Empress has spoken!

Killgore Trout loves Frog Porn

By Frog Porn, I’m not referring to French Porn. Clearly LGF has many people who are into animal sex. Whether it’s Iceweasel linking a video of Cats having sex or Windupbird dressing like a bird at a furry convention. Now Killgore Trout discussing, watching Frogs have sex.

It’s not just your neighbors who think you’re insane Killgore, but most people who read your online nonsense. Don’t worry, Emperor Hero Cheetos loves you and in your little pathetic existence, that’s that counts!