The Charles Johnson Facebook Challenge

Joe Biden was promoting platform censorship and claimed that people died of COVID-19 because of Facebook. Charles is partially correct in that Facebook and others are actively squelching the free flow of information – the exact thing that tyrannical governments have done (and still do). Post anything you like as long as it agrees with The Office of Approved Opinion.

In 2009, Charles attempted satire and failed, yet he was accidentally prescient:

Charles wanted a Facebook account, yet he couldn’t do it. He spent much time castigating others for joining Facebook “groups” that (according to Charles) included neonazis, anti-semites and other unsavory types, and everyone in such a “group” were guilty by association. Robert Spencer joined one such group (either accidentally or due to their deception) and suddenly he became an anti-semite himself. Once Charles discovered that bizarre connection, all of Spencer’s Facebook “friends” became neonazis including Pamela Geller.

Due to his paranoia, Charles could never join Facebook without vetting EVERYONE who connected with him lest he be painted with his own guilt-by-association brush. He has no control – no way to ban anyone, no way to prevent others from reading his blog-pimping unless he kept his posts private. That’s a deal breaker for an attention whore.

Pure obsessive-compulsive paranoia, then and now; Charles Johnson gets a vicarious thrill watching the Censorship Games.

BTW, the LGF groups are still there, Charles.

Charles Johnson Reviles Facebook (and nobody gives a crap)

Actually, Charles, you pretty much never started.

Awesome photo, bro. You should sell calendars.

Charlie on the FaceBook

Charlie On The FaceBook 1

That’s an unadulterated screencap of Charles Johnson’s FaceBook Page that he claims he started on 7 February 2001.

FaceBook was founded on 4 February 2004, and Charles Johnson is making up shit again.

Little Green Footballs is a “news/media website?” Charles, you’re an embarrassing brown stain on your mother’s blue Sunday Morning go to meetin’ Mossberg.

[Update Correction: The date that appears on Charles’ FB page refers to the date of his first post on Little Green Footballs.]

Facebook bot

Playing the victim is one of Charles Johnson’s favorite tactics. He likes to present the narrative of a man under seige by sinister forces. To Charles, everything is a plot and he is one of the targets. In the latest “poor me” rant, Charles tweets out that a Facebook bot is collecting data from LGF.

Poor Charles, Facebook is being mean to him!

Charles Johnson needs to man up and stop with his pathetic pity act.

CJ Wants Friends?

Well, this is fairly new:

First off, this isn’t an LGF “fan” page; this is CJ’s personal profile, and I don’t know who in their right mind would want to share their real-life personal updates and events with Johnson (and, yes, that’s what would happen if you “friend” him with your personal Facebook account).  It’s not like he’s returning the gesture, since his wall has been programmed to be nothing more than a feed of the LGF front page.  So, you get to see LGF updates, while Johnson gets to look up your dates.  Seems like kind of a raw deal.  A little spooky, even.

Apparently -and this is quite humorous- at least one of the loyal lizards feels the same way, even if she didn’t specifically say so (because, “ingeniously”, she made a nice, safe, dedicated FaceBook profile  specifically for “friending” Johnson.):



…hold on…



Anyway…what is unclear is why Johnson decided at this point to invite folks to his FB profile.  Contrary to what CJ posted in that thread, his profile isn’t new.  In fact, looking at his wall, it looks like he didn’t see the point in the FB thing either, as just one post sat on there for the first 6 months of his profile’s existence.   It almost looks like, initially, Johnson created a FB profile for himself for the sole purpose of promoting…wait for it…

The Pamela Geller Rant Generator:

(interestingly, you can see that it links to the Digg entry, which was in and of itself an epic FAIL, as many DoD readers will recall)

But, sometime within the last week (or so), a little green light bulb illuminated and Johnson suddenly thought this (invitation) was a good idea.  Perhaps he’s convinced that his herd is finally so thin and so idiotic that he feels he can pull this off and have some fun peepin’ on folks for a bit?  What the heck, right?