Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs Blog Wins End-Of-The-Year Award – Again!

2015 Doug Ross Fab50-Winners

Every year about this time, Doug Ross of Doug Ross @ Journal, a blog run by Doug Ross, holds an Awards Ceremony hosted by Doug Ross, to recobanize the contributions of a variety of bloggers and personalities, and Doug Ross sorts them into different categories. In the waning days of This Glorious Year Of Our Lord it’s no different. While scratching his unmentionable itchy parts, Doug Ross spent an absurd and inordinate amount of time compiling, analyzing and composing his List of Finalists, and it’s only right that we acknowledge the work of Doug Ross – because it’s entirely bitchin’ and awesome.

There’s not much point in cutting and pasting The Entire Doug Ross 2015 Awards List, so we culled out the most important part:

2015 Doug Ross Fab50-Winners

On this auspicious occasion, The Diary of Daedalus graciously accepts The Award on behalf of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs, if only because he and they won’t.

P.S. Charles: Your LGF Custom Views Counter still lies, your website is buggy as hell, and your avatar is over a decade old. The old rule of thumb is that a blog is only worth 50% of a year’s advert income, meaning that LGF still sucks big green donkeys.

LGF Worth

Do the math, Charles, and thank Doug Ross for giving you more attention than you deserve.

The 2012 LGF Awards Awards – The Polls Are Open [Update: Now Closed ]


-now closed-
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LGF WIN! Congrats to Charles Johnson

2012 Fabulous 50 Award

Seems pretty self-explanatory. The Corpulent Flounder was not available to attend the ceremony so, on behalf of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs, we graciously accepted the coveted award. It shall be stashed prominently behind The Blogmocracy Rec Room couch with the cat stuff.

[Here’s Doug Ross’ complete list of Winners]