Charles Johnson, History Revisionist

Charles, Charles, Charles.

In 1959, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President. Vice President Richard M. Nixon hated communism with a passion, and that photo shows it. Nixon had balls.

Nixon was not a conservative, but he inherited a global mess once he was elected in the 1968 Presidential landslide, then he swept 49 States in 1972. Was he charismatic? Not by a long shot, but voters had had enough of the Kennedy pretty boys, and saw LBJ for the racist egocentric yahoo that he was.

Nixon was the first POTUS in history to visit communist China and open up communications. Nixon ended the military draft a couple of years after you were eligible in 1971. Do you also want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency? Nixon approved that one also.

Charles, you’re a history revisionist.
If not that, then you’re a paid tool.
If not that, then you’re a useful idiot.

Meanwhile, long time LGF regular Lawhawk chimed in to lap the lizard with this brilliance:

Douche baggage on parade.

Thank you, Charles.

Charles still whining about Communists not accepting him

No matter what Charles does, the Left refuses to accept him. Despite his move towards Stalinism, many Communists view him as phony and reject him. With his feelings here, Charles d0es a post whining about lack of acceptance from the Communists.

Charles and the Commies

No one likes Charles!

The Communists are mad at Charles

Charles tweets out that Communists are mad at him.

No one likes Charles!

Update: Charles goes bra snapping again.

What a loser!