Tweets From Someone Who Is Definitely “not in a blog war with anyone”

From the Department of Never Before Posted Archives:

It’s been almost a year since we saw this:

Of course, the reason we do a lot of “screen-shotting” is because Charles has a tendency to make stuff disappear, perhaps more so than any other blogger on the web…

In any case, between then and now, we’ve seen the self-identified blog pacifist post endless threads taking unprovoked shots at Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Andrew Breitbart, Hot Air, and Gateway Pundit (just to name a few).  So, already we can see that CJ’s statement there is pretty ridiculous.

As far as we’re concerned, however, teh Johnson has had to be a lot stealthier when it comes to the warfare.  After all, he’s on record that he doesn’t visit our site. But for some reason, he knows an awful lot about what goes on.  Let’s see what kind of things he’s done in the past year on offence and defense, and in reaction to us.

Bogus “tweet counters”. When we spread the word that Johnson’s the numbers used in his “retweet” boasts had nothing to do with retweets, he held a private thread, sent desperate messages to, and eventually posted this:

(It didn’t work, and the “tweet counter” remains busted to this day).

Last saved as a draft file by Chen Zhen on 8 January 2012 and it’s never seen the light of day.

Warning to Lizards

The imposter  Ludwig is now threatening to write to Chen’s employer.

If you clowns attempt to get Chen Fire, we will out San Francisco Zionist, Killgore Trout, Alouette, Reginald Perrin, Fozziebear and Shiplord Kriel in retaliation. We will also compile a list of all the people we have outed in the past along with addresses.

In short, back off or else we will ruin’s people’s lives.

Update: The ball is in Luddy and Chuck’s hands. They either back off their threat or their pals will be exposed.

Update II: To those listed here that don’t wish to be outed if Luddy carries out his threat to get Chen fired.  I will make you and offer. We are down to 3 suspects of who Ludwig is. If we receive an anonymous email giving us Luddy’s identity and it matches one of our 3 suspects, we will not out any of you. Ludwig’s name, employer and address will be revealed on a 3rd party website should he carry out his threat. This will spare all of the grief of having your identity revealed and the main perpetrator will be exposed for the public to see.

If you all convince Ludwig to back off his threat to Chen, then no one will be outed.

This is our offer, either give us Luddy’s name or get him to back off.