Confidential to @Green_Footballs Johnson: Stop doing this.

cheetos-chairThe Cheeto Chair:  Results Of Eating 1 Bag Of Cheetos Every Day For Years And Wiping Hand On Seat. Yes, That Is Mold.

Is this what Charles is hiding from?

Charles Johnson is  a fat, pale , creepy looking freak of nature (he actually has  the countenance of a serial killer ).  He is very disgusting to look at and I realize that he appears the way he does because he is hiding from imaginary Nazis.  However, could this incident be the real reason?

ST. LOUIS • A man was fatally stabbed over a bag of Cheetos on Washington Avenue downtown Tuesday night, police say.

The 42-year-old man was apparently homeless. He got into a dispute with another homeless man on Washington Avenue between Sixth Street and Broadway at about 8:50 p.m. Tuesday, police say.

They fought over a bag of Cheetos, and one man stabbed the other in the chest with a folding knife.

Is Charles afraid that if he was spotted buying Cheetos, he would get stabbed?

Cheetos Open Thread

Here is a thread in honor of Cheetos, Chuck’s favorite snack!

So the question Charles has never answered. Does he like Puffs or Crunch?

Update: King Minos has an exclusive video. Hitler liked Cheetos! Does this make Charles a Nazi?

(Hat Tip: King Minos]

Charles reacts to recent defeats!

Charles “Icarus” Johnson has had a rough time of late. Every political cause he backs loses. The Maharajah of 20 year old Sociology majors is seeing his powerlessness. Realizing his ineptiude, he has a musician breakdown.

(Hat Tip: Doriangrey)