“I’M NOT HIM! I’M NOT I’M NOT I’M NOT!” – Charles F. Johnson



Charles C. Johnson filed a lawsuit against Huffpo and a writer for libel and defamation in January 2020, but prior to that he tweeted this:

The difference between the two is that Chuck C. Johnson is a loose cannon, while Charles F. Johnson is a loose stool.

[h/t Dezzez (w/ Pakimon) for the 2018 Catch of the Day. More Chuck vs. Chuck dopiness in the archives.]

A photo op proves Johnson is a neonazi according to Johnson, so Johnson calls Johnson a homo.

Okay, so Charles C. Johnson got a photo op with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in London and suddenly he’s a player, pulling strings for Julian Assange as an insider. Yeah, right. Charles F. Johnson stretched it into an accusation that Charles C. Johnson is a neonazi.


CCJ responded to CFJ in kind:

Everyone knows the connection between Anders Breivik and Charles F. Johnson, but he’s a homo? Sure, Foster’s got a hardon for The Redbeardo, but that doesn’t fly because PAM.

The level of stupid is nearing 11.

Twitter Suggests Followers

Some oddness showed up in my email bag recently. Twitter wants me to follow these guys, while at the same time they’re trying to vaporize their accounts.

Chuck Johnson Twitter

Not knowing which account is legit, I went to the source, Charles Johnson. At last report he’s got 89.7% of the Free World blocked, including me, while the other Charles Johnson doesn’t, and the latter no longer has a Twitter account at all.

Bunk X wrote:

I see you’ve been sent to #TwitterGulag repeatedly but I’m having a tough time sussing your current Twitter handle. I see several claiming to be you, and I’m scratching my head. On one hand it makes sense to have sock accounts, but in this case they seem to be posting all at once, to either hide you from Twitter or to troll your followers by false flag tweets.

Are you are promoting the #iamchuck socks to mock Twitter, or is the deception coming from somewhere else, like the Little Green Footballs crowd?

He responded:

—–Original Message—–
From: Charles Johnson
To: Bunk X
Sent: Tue, Jun 21, 2016 10:14 pm

I’m not on Twitter but other people are making handles for me and I support it.

So what the Chuck does this mean?

It’s a legitimate question. It means that the raging furball Charles F. Johnson is busy fighting sock puppets, finding nazis under his futon and muslim terrorists only in the Little Green Footballs Archives, while the GotNews Charles C. Johnson doesn’t give a magical jazzy ponytail about it.

Since CFJ doesn’t read here, our guess is he’ll keep up his inane petulant attacks without having a clue. Rock on, Barry.

Mr. Toot back in the limelight

After years of obscurity, Mr. Toot is back in the spotlight in the wake of the permanent banning of Chuck C. Johnson. Bob Cesca interviews Mr. Toot about his personal vendetta against Charles C. Johnson.

Proof That Charles Johnson Is Not Obsessed With Charles Johnson.

CroMagnon CJ vs CJ Tweet

CroMagnon’s Tweet speaks for itself. Here’s the full monty below the break. If you want to peruse Charles F. Johnson’s stalking & harrassment of Charles C. Johnson (aka CFJ’s blatant violations of Twitter’s TOS) in a more legible format, click the image below, then click it again when it opens.

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The Johnson & Johnson Internet Flatulence Ignition Competition & PPL’s Bitchslap

While taking a casual wade through The Swamp today, I tossed a stone in a random direction to see where it landed. I found this:

CJs New Twitter Friend

Charles C. Johnson is a news-fabricating attention-whore moby at best, just like Charles F. Johnson. They’re two of the same cloth, and that’s why they despise each other.

Charles C. Johnson is trying to paint former Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West as the next Cosby, Libertarian political commentor Michelle Fields apparently denies the story, Charles F. Johnson is attacking Charles C. Johnson, and Ms. Fields is now following Charles F. Johnson on Twitter.
Big whoop.

But looky there – it’s that little comment hidey-hole button again.  I smelled a rain of downdings for ProLifeLiberal, and it began with a simple question:

PLL's Football Analysis 1

Here’s the link, and ProLaffLamebrain attempted to justify sending the Russian goalkeeper to the hospital with this brilliance:

PLL's Football Analysis 2

Almost everyone’s eyes rolled and ignored PLL’s idiocy, until fellow Lizard-In-Good-Standing Furious Burka showed up two hours later to smack the boy-chile.

PLL's Football Analysis 3

Morons attacking morons. I love Little Green Footballs.

Stalk much, Charles?

Charle Johnson's Stalking Obsessions thru 1 March 2015

Heh. Charles has been harassing Glenn Greenwald since 2006, and he’s still cranking on about a dead man and an updated bar chart.

Charles, you so funny.

Does Charles really want to go there?

The lack of self awareness from Charles Johnson confirms what many of us have theorized for a number of years. This man has had a nervous breakdown and is not functionally well in the head. The aging Hipster makes hypocritical statement that leaves people wondering if he is even aware of what he writes.

In the shut in’s latest hypocritical tweet, he attacks his current nemesis Charles C. Johnson for asking for donations. This is an act, Charles does regularly.

Meanwhile he has this tweet pinned to be at the top of his timeline.

Donations for me, but not for thee. Charles is no one to throw rocks especially living in the glass house he does.

Dr. Charles F. Johnson, BFD, Declares Ebola A Non-Threat And Dismisses Andrew Cuomo As A Retro-Alarmist.


Let’s look at Charles’ subtitles on the Ebola virus in sequence (and ignore that he stole and amateurishly modified the first image from “shutterstock”).

“When Blind Fear Determines Public Policy.”

Charles, when doctors and nurses, trained in fighting and preventing the spread of communicative diseases, are contracting an infectious disease with an unusually high mortality rate and a short incubation period, it seems that public policy is not determined by “blind fear” but by common sense and global septic practice.

“Pushing Back Against Ignorant Policy.”

When did the fight against disease become a left-wing / right-wing political battle?

“The Egregious Dishonesty Of A Right Wing Smear Merchant Continues.”

Did he reject your amorous advances, too? Damn, Charles. You just can’t win.

“The Walk Back.”

Oh wait. Cuomo’s a democrat. Must’ve been a typo, or maybe he’s just as nervous about an uncontrollable virus outbreak in a densely populated US city as the rest of us folk who were whelped with only one pair of xy chromosomes.


Q: Even the ulta-libs don’t believe what Dear Leader is telling us about Ebola (or anything else) so what does that make you, Charles?

A: A pantload.


Charles C. Johnson threatens to sue Charles

The battle of the Charles escalates to a new level today. After a daily non stop smear assault by the washed up shut in, Charles C. Johnson has had enough. Charles C. is now threatening legal action against the washed up Jazz artist.

Charles C SUe Charles C SUe2 Charles C SUe3 Charles C SUe4

Charles will not be laughing if Charles C. Johnson carries out his threat.