ALEXA’s Little Green Update

I decided it’s time to check the Graph of Declination again, and was a bit surprised at the improvement. Turns out it’s not an improvement at all, as he’s at about the same spot he was in January of last year… and the year before that. Since that screencap is from last week, here’s an update:

BTW, Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit is down also. He’s only ranked 799, but that’s an unfair comparison. The Geller Report isn’t – Pam’s at 80,255. 😀

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LGF is on the rebound. Or not.

Last time we checked Alexa Stats, things were not looking good for Little Green Footballs but something happened in mid-March, and it appeared that Charles Johnson was on the road to a comeback. Unfortunately, that comeback was short-lived, and by late April he was back on track. LGF bumped and slumped again.

Still not sure why Alexa skews the x-axis, but check this out.

Alexa says, “Not enough traffic data,” but 2% of LGF traffic came from searches for “Ivanka Trump Panama” and Dana Loesch‘s husband.” Creep city.

As Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs declines, so does this website. So where do we go from here? Leave your suggestions and we’ll have a vote.

There’s a reason he rejects Alexa.

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Lookee here when it be blowed up:

Seems he got a little spike after his nontroversy, fapping about the Reuters photo crops. But after crapping on Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, stats-wise,  she’s still on his back with a riding crop. Looks like his petulant attacks on Michelle Malkin, HotAir, and *ahem* the Kos Kidz are kinda negligible, huh. Kinda puts LGF in perspective.

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(originally posted by Bunk X)