Charles Johnson on BLT*

*BLT = Black Liberation Theology = Critical Race Theory
and yeah, Charles was against it before he was for it.

Tweetdeck Global Filter Does What, Again?

While it’s been long established that Charles is completely in control (and proudly so) of the user accounts on his own website (where, today, most appear to be blocked), things are a little different on what’s taken over as his new favorite hangout: Twitter. He’s become increasingly engaged in this open battlefield over the past year or so, and it’s become easy to tell that this lack of power over who can post and interact with who while in his presence is disturbing him a great deal.

Quite frequently, what Johnson’s forced to do is to pretend that he’s got his little twitter battle totally handled, and by far his favorite tactic is to announce to the twittersphere that nothing that his critics do or say effects him because he can simply put the usernames of the non-sycophant tweeps into the “Tweetdeck Global Filter“, apparently blocking them from appearing in his timeline:

Ah yes, that fantastic Tweetdeck Global Filter. It’s amazing! The best thing ever invented. Over and over he raves.

And we laugh.


Well, because it’s so transparently a desperate ruse. Take his exchange a while back with Mandy Nagy as one example (note the timestamp):

BAM! Take that @Liberty_Chick! You lose! Nothing you tweet about me, nor the taint of your profile will enter my delicate timeline environment EVER AGAIN! Moo hahahaha!

That is, until a few days later…

Yes…very interesting to SEE that, eh?

Actually, we wonder if his use of the amazing feature is entirely a lie, given how often he’s willing (and able) to report that an (apparently) blocked tweep was suspended, or how many wingnuts are ‘raging’ at him (funny how he can be so self-contradictory in 140 characters), whenever a “stalker” is conversing with a follower, etc. For not “seeing” anything, Johnson is incredibly up-to-date with what’s happening.

But by all means, @lizardoid, shout it from the rooftops!

Yes CJ, we really believe that you love your totally phony and completely ineffective twitter substitute for the LGF “ban stick”. Each time you tweet it, we believe it more…

2010 DoD Awards Voting: Greatest Display of LGF Idiotarianismishness

It’s that time DoDers!  Get ready to vote for LGF’s most idiotic display for 2010!  And as promised, the stakes are a bit higher for this round, as the winner will have the award named after them (to be used henceforth).

In spite of a few recent distractions, I used my memory of all things LGF, scoured The Blogmocracy archives, asked for some help The Boiler Room crew along with fellow DoDers to compile a list of individual finalists.  There were many good examples that didn’t quite make the cut (like dragonfire1981’s LGF Page fantasy on presidential assassination, and b_sharp‘s one-uping of Ludwig, warning readers not to picture the sticking of “Malkin’s balls into Limbaugh’s mouth”).   I’m sure I completely missed a few other good candidates too, but hey, I’m doing my best here.

Note:  This poll software is a 3rd party thing, so there is no way for the admin at DoD to determine who voted for who.  This also means that our LGF lurkers have nothing to fear if they want to participate in the voting themselves (don’t let Killgore scare you; go here if you’re really that worried about it).  The poll is set to block repeat votes by cookie.  Voting will remain open for 24 hrs.

Also, in a change from the last two polls, results will not be publicly visable until all the votes are in and the poll closes (like in a real election).   This isn’t an attempt to hide any funny business, rather, to prevent it (I got the impression that this knowledge was effecting the outcome).  Like I said, the stakes are high here, and we really do want the best lizard to win.

In LudwigVanQuixote‘s long, deranged essay he calls the women of Fox News “gutter sluts”, for using the power of their boobies to promote their evil propaganda.

SpaceJesus hopes that Utah secedes, ’cause he thinks it’d be “fun” to put down a rebellion

Jamesfirecat, at the Stewart/Colbert rally (?),  represents LGF with a, um, “sign”.

Killgore Trout, out of food stamps and obviously starving, dines on the slug’s leftover kale.

SanFranciscoZionist, issuing her stern opposition to the use of “dhimmitude” as a real word, unwittingly insulting CJ (who arguably did more to popularize its use more than anyone).

Charles, for seeing neo-Nazi symbols in the Tennessee state flag.

Gus 802, chiding DoD for posting on Christmas eve and Christmas day, after posting 31 comments and an LGF Page over the same time span.

Dark_Falcon, for one of many examples of working “lizards” and “trolls” into fanciful Dungeons & Dragons scenarios.