“Great mentality you’ve got going there”

LGF is a bastion of anti-Christian bigotry and Pro-Islamist sentiment. Resident Kapo and Christophobe, Aloutte did a thread attacking Dearborn Michigan for apologizing to Christians for arresting them at a Deaborn festival. Resident online Jihadi ProBosniaLiberal advocates silencing these Christians 1st Amendment rights. A poster named Thomaslite calls him out for his hypocrisy.

Freedom for Christians Freedom for Christians2 Freedom for Christians3

ProBosniaLiberal is your typical Islamist fanatic. He hates the Kuffar and belives they should have no rights in criticizing Islam. This loser can’t get over the fact we have freedom of speech. If he does not like it, he can move to an Islamic country.

Bonus: ProBosniaLiberal calls for the end of Israel by declaring the 2 State solution dead.

End of Israel

And NO ONE challenged him on it.