Chuck’s bad prediction

Chuck claims he’s a great political analysis in touch with the public opinion. In December of 2009, he made a prediction about the 2010 midterms. As we see thanks to the efforts of the Boiler Room Crew, it didn’t turn out the way he predicted.

The Result of the November 2nd 2010 midterms a disaster for the Democrats. They lost 6 Senators, 63 House seats, 6 Governorships and scores of state legislator seats. Clearly Charles didn’t admit he was wrong on his prediction. He was silent about the fact he was wrong.

Chuck is no political analyst nor a Nostradamus.  I’ll give him credit about one thing, he didn’t delete this comment!

(Hat Tip: The Boiler Room Crew)

Update: Here is another one of Chuck’s analysis that that is way off.

Chuck clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

(Hat Tip: blogwarriorx)

Update II: On the same thread as Chuck’s bad prediction, another wise and insightful person analyzes.

This was one of Iceweasel’s victims.