“What is this weird sensation I’m feeling? I haven’t felt this in so long, I forget what it’s called.” – Charles Johnson

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Nothing but lies, hatred & a death wish.



There’s going to be violence!; Update: A spot on observation

The progressive movement is in an uproar over the sting videos showing the contempt for human life members of Planned Parenthood have. Rather than be angry at this callous view of life, the Left is lashing out at anyone who is disgusted over these videos. Being a Libertarian, I am not a hardliner on the abortion issue or other social issues for that matter, but these videos make me sick.

Rather than be upset at Planned Parenthood, Shiplord Kirel worries that the video may lead to violent attacks on abortion clinics.

Kirel abortion

Kirel, what is ugly is the evil mindset of Planned Parenthood.

Update: A good observation has been made about LGF’s blackout on the Chattanooga attack.

Chattanooga Update

The answer is obvious. Mr. Toot sympathizes with Islamic terrorists.


Muslims in Texas are in danger!

Once a fierce critic of Islam, Shiplord Kirel is now one of its biggest apologists. In what is becoming a normal activity for him, Kirel goes on a rant claiming that Muslims in Texas are in danger.

Muslims in Danger Muslims in Danger2

This guy is crazy!


Shiplord Kirel writes a paranoid post

The Alex Jones/Justin Raimondo set has been spreading conspiracy theories about the upcoming Jade Helm exercise in Texas. Sadly some conservatives have fallen for this nonsense  due to their legitimate mistrust of the Obama regime and have sounded the alarm over this exercise. Elected officials in Texas has since reassured these people concerns. Shiplord Kirel however, thinks something is amiss.

In a paranoid and conspiratorial rant that makes Alex Jones or Justin Raimondo appear sane, he makes some crazy allegations. Kirel claims that Rightwing militias are prepared to to an uprising and confront the US military. He warns that progressives will be killed by these militias until order is restored.

Kirel Paranoid Kirel Paranoid2

Shiplord Kirel really needs a new set of friends if he thinks there will be some massive Rightwing uprising in Texas. He is either going by what some his Alex Jones/Raimondo type buddies are saying or making it up. I really believe Kirel is lying and trying to preach to the choir at LGF.

Kragar goes even further than Kirel.

Kirel Paranoid3

LGF is nothing more than a Leftwing dime store version of infowars.



Shiplord Kirel warns about a Christian Revolution

Shiplord Kirel is convinced that Christians will cause a “national calamity.”

Shiplord warns about Christians

Kirel has bought into the paranoid world view of Charles.

Shiplord Kirel plays Race Detective

Charles Johnson’s obsession with race filters down to his minions. Shiplord Kirel was once on the Right but has gone hardcore Marxist Left since Charles did his switch. He plays the role of Race detective by linking some screed claiming the Tea Party is racist.

Kirel Race Kirel Race2 Kirel Race3

LGF needs new material, the race nonsense is played out.

Shiplord Kirel’s paranoid rant

LGF is a blog run by a shut in and read by shut ins. They believe any paranoid fantasy told by Charles and invent stories of their own. Shiplord Kirel aka Jimmy from Lubbock claims Christians are preparing to kill Muslims.

Kirel's rant

Jimmy needs to stop being a shut in and get out into the real world.

“This is a center right site”

The LGFers live in an alternate reality. Despite Charles Johnson admitting he is a Hard Left Progressive, many on his blog claim to be Center-Right. Over at Ricohet, a commentator noted how Leftists and deranged LGF has become.

LGF Center-Right

By any standard LG is a Hard Left blog and Charles has admitted so. But delusional fools like Palomino and Shiplord Kriel claim it is Center-Right!

LGF Center-Right 2 LGF Center-Right 3

I never knew supporting Chechen al-Qaeda terrorists, allying with Islamists and hating Christians was Center-Right to me. This shows the fantasy world that LGFers live in. It’s a blog run by a shut in for fellow shut ins.

Shiplord Kirel compares Conservatives to Hamas

Reading LGF is very confusing. One minute, Hamas are good guys and the next they are bad. Shiplord Kirel warns that the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv will occur here. The Marxist claims that Conservatives are heavily armed and will start committing acts of terror like Hamas.

If this scenario were to occur, it means San Francisco Zionist will really be dodging rocket fire! Shiplord Kirel is living a Marxist fantasy.