“Nobody’s Retweeting Me!” – Charles Johnson


Recently, Charles Johnson added a new blogclogging feature to Little Green Footballs, and apparently the intended results haven’t born fruit. The purpose is to allow the Lizard Lappers to spam Twitter with unfounded inanities in order to appear to be a larger number of imbeciles than they actually are. It’s an automated form of stealth astroturfing.

Well, Charles, we can play the same game. For every Tweet you post, we can post a Tweet that refutes your assertion that an AirCav hat is part of the uniform of the Confederate States of America. We may post a picture of a menuboard, or the State Flag of Tennessee, or your specious claim that Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner’s throbbing .jpeg was actually your own. Perhaps we may post something else, so that everyone reads your racist screed against Oliver Willis and your well deserved smackdown. Maybe we’ll just post something innocuous and innocent from Little Green Footballs, like this:


“Rural America can go fuck themselves.” That pretty much sums up Charles Johnson’s Little Green Hate Site these days.

LGF Jihadist “The War TARDIS” issues a threat

Charles and his gang are celebrating today’s shooting at near a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Like many on the Left, they are not even waiting for the bodies to be buried to begin to capitalize politically on the incident.  LGF’s resident online ISIS wannabe, The War TARDIS, joins the festivities. In a fiery comment that would make al-Baghdadi proud, The War TARDIS makes what sounds like a threat to conservatives.

War Tardis threat

I hope The War TARDIS is on a terrorist watch list.


Islam is growing!

LGF is not anti-religious as some of its detractors claim it is. It’s specifically anti-Christian and LGF’s comment section is filled with hatred of Christians. They do love other religions, especially Islam which they view as a cool, hip, 3rd World liberation movement and Progressive religion. The resident Islamist, The War Tardis  makes it very clear that Islam is rising in America.

Islam growing

The fools at LGF that think Islam is cool and hip.


“This is me, starting to feel like you’re disrespecting the community.”


PLL Smackdown

The Johnson & Johnson Internet Flatulence Ignition Competition & PPL’s Bitchslap

While taking a casual wade through The Swamp today, I tossed a stone in a random direction to see where it landed. I found this:

CJs New Twitter Friend

Charles C. Johnson is a news-fabricating attention-whore moby at best, just like Charles F. Johnson. They’re two of the same cloth, and that’s why they despise each other.

Charles C. Johnson is trying to paint former Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West as the next Cosby, Libertarian political commentor Michelle Fields apparently denies the story, Charles F. Johnson is attacking Charles C. Johnson, and Ms. Fields is now following Charles F. Johnson on Twitter.
Big whoop.

But looky there – it’s that little comment hidey-hole button again.  I smelled a rain of downdings for ProLifeLiberal, and it began with a simple question:

PLL's Football Analysis 1

Here’s the link, and ProLaffLamebrain attempted to justify sending the Russian goalkeeper to the hospital with this brilliance:

PLL's Football Analysis 2

Almost everyone’s eyes rolled and ignored PLL’s idiocy, until fellow Lizard-In-Good-Standing Furious Burka showed up two hours later to smack the boy-chile.

PLL's Football Analysis 3

Morons attacking morons. I love Little Green Footballs.

Alouette On Top!

This second entry in the 2014 year end statistics series is a look at the most prolific commenters for the year.  As the title of this post has already revealed, and for the first time since 2010, Gus was NOT the top lizard.  Though Gus and Alouette both posted thousands fewer comments in 2014 than 2013,  Gus’s notable Twitter obsession may have cost him the top spot this year.


Of particular note:

  • Charles continues in his quest to dominate the comment section of his own blog, climbing 4 spots up to 5th this year.  The two newcomers (both joined in 2013) more than doubled their post count in 2014, but the rest of last year’s leaders seem to be losing interest.
  • Dark_Falcon might be tiring of getting slapped around and forced to recant whenever he offends the hivemind.
  • Obdicut, a Top 6 commenter for 3 years (2010-2012), dropped to 46th.
  • ProLifeLiberal seems less interested, dropping 39 spots to 70th.
  • HoosierHoops, since moving to Northern Wisconsin last December, has had much less to say about his love life.

LGF’s Favorite Jihad Boy is now a “festering sh*t spigot” for criticizing Communist Russia.

Yep. It’s true.

Long-time Little Green Footballs’ favorite convert to islam and unhinged junior jihadi “Pro-Life Liberal” dared to criticize communism, in particular Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, and got the Charles Johnson Hive Treatment right in the skivvies for speaking his opinion.

Pro Life Liberal Smackdown
The convo was both amusing and sadly pathetic to me. On one hand, there’s a mental defective who is arguing the right point; on the other is a group of mental defectives pounding him into submission.

And then there’s that bloated bloviating blog owner who’s pushing and supporting pure socialism and fascism for his own greedy reasons just like all obedient socialist tools do.
“I AM Little Green Footballs. It’s only ME.”

Charles, you’re a mess.